• Soups and Bars Class Recap


     Let me start off by saying how I am lucky to have the opportunity to teach these classes that are so much fun…. not only for you all but for me too! 


    I am glad to know that you all look forward to these classes as much as I do! And I get to look at your sweet and beautiful faces all night.


    A cute mom and daughter duo! I had three daughter and mom couples in my class this night. Well.. one was a soon to be mother in law and daughter in law. Fun!


    And you are kind enough to laugh with me… because apparently… I crack myself up!

    IMG_0101Ok… so on to the food. We learned how to make fresh noodles in our chicken noodle soup. These beauties make soup heavenly!

    chix noodle

    Just look at those noodles. Really. 


    These are just some of the vegetables that we loaded into my Vegetable Beef soup. 


    I cut up some amazing sirloin steaks for the soup. And we let them simmer until they were practically melting in your mouth.

    IMG_0155This Clam Chowder is so creamy and dreamy. You will want to lick your bowl clean!


    We learned how to make not one, but two desserts!  My Carmelitas are out of this world!


    S’mores bars…. even better than they look!


    Here’s a shot of most of the people in my class this night. Love them! Sorry for the terrible picture quality. As you can see… it was another fantastic and delicious class!

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  • Private Class Fun


     I taught a private cooking class last night for this couple and some of their clients last night. They wanted a fun night out with their clients this was the perfect thing! P.S. Good looking couple, don’t you think?! P.P.S. Still teaching with my boot but I am off my crutches….. Yay! 


    This picture shows perfectly how I feel when teaching these classes and meeting more wonderful people! It’s definitely a great time for me too!


    No boring times over here… not allowed!


    Yes, even a business group knows this is a party!


    As part of the menu they chose (We went with a healthier menu, which of course is still over the top delicious!) ), we made The Perfect Roasted Peruvian Chicken. You know it is one of my favorite dishes of all time!


    Another favorite… my Roasted Vegetables with Farro. They all fell in love.


    Preparing some out of this world Lemon Blueberry Pudding Cakes. They are in for a treat!


    These bad boys are ready to go in the oven for the big finish.


    I often share great products I recommend that gets passed around. 


    Of course, lots of tips shared too…… so lots of note taking!


    Sometimes something smells so wonderful I have to pass it around so all can experience it for themselves.


    This group was so fun and funny. I LOVE funny!


    Time to feast!




    Giddy with anticipation!


    I love making people happy with delicious food!


    Enough talk… let’s eat!


    Here are those amazing Lemon Blueberry Pudding Cakes we made. The perfect finish!


    Do you have a special occasion or group you want to get together? A birthday, couples party, family reunion, business gathering or just a get together with friends? Book a private cooking class with me! Together, we will customize the menu and plan an “out of this world” delicious and outrageously fun gathering! I am always game for a good time!

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  • Asian Fusion Class Recap


     Funny, sad and true story. At the beginning of the week of these cooking classes, I fell off a tall stool and messed up my ankle and was put on crutches. This is how I taught…. sitting on a stool with my leg propped. How do you ask is this possibly funny? If you saw my hubby you would laugh at the two of us. He got in a snowboarding accident a few weeks ago where he broke his collarbone and leg and so he cant walk either! I know.. funny in a sick twisted way. Somehow everyone that sees us manages to laugh out loud. Honestly, I would too!

    Word count: 110

    af3The show (so to speak) must go on and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this fabulous lady. I have to give a huge shout out to my assistant Debbie (sorry I didn’t have a better picture of this pretty lady)! Debbie prepped for 8 1/2 hours the day before the classes since I couldn’t do much and stayed for 8 hours each class day to help prep for the day. 2-4-6-8 who do I appreciate? DEBBIE! And of course I appreciate my other helpers in class (Caitlyn, Ashley and Claire) as I couldn’t have done it without them as well!


    My stove saw a lot of action this class! From my huge wok, to my soup pot and two pots of boiling water. So glad I have a lot of burners!


    One fellow who attended my class showed us his fast method for filling pot stickers. It was genius and so much faster than what I was doing. I will have to share this on my Tuesday’s Tools and Tips. Thanks Abe for sharing! 


    Here they are ready to be shaped.


    We made 96 pot sticker for each class. You bet they were all devoured… too good to resist!


    And don’t get me started on this dipping sauce we drizzled on top of the pot stickers. Took them to another level!

    af 1

    We went through a lot of cans of this light coconut milk. So good!


    Some of those cans went into this amazing Fusion Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. I think it is safe to say it was a class favorite. 


    Fusion Thai Chicken Stir Fry was also taught and devoured. 


    I had to buy these Chinese take out cartons to serve it in. I couldn’t resist!


    Look at this cute couple having a fun cooking class date night!


    I also taught another amazing salad… Asian influenced. YUM!


    We made homemade Chinese almond cookies for the big finish. These babies are so good there are no words. Well maybe one… addicting!


    It was a fun and tasty two nights. Thanks to all that came!

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  • Jenny’s Basics Class Recap

    I literally threw this class out there in less than one week and the class sold out almost immediately. So I added another day and that also sold out. I knew some of you wanted to learn my basics but I guess there was more than just” some” of you that were interested! There was so much goodness taught and devoured those nights!

    basic 1I don’t think there is a better tasting roasted chicken than this one. Once my family smells it roasting in the oven they get so excited! I like to make a lot of it so we are sure to have lots of yummy leftovers. Here I am applying the rub.. the amazing rub. 


    These babies are done! Perfect crispy skin and the most moist, flavorful meat. My mouth starts watering about now.


    My signature salad has candied nuts in it so I wanted to share how easy it is to candy your own nuts. So much yummier and a ton cheaper than what you get at the store. An added tip I taught to my classes. One that they will use time and time again!

    b 7

    Here it is… My Signature Salad. Easy to make… dressing and all… but flavor that quickly becomes a favorite of all that taste it. Double yum!

    b 4

    Of course, my sandwich bread is one of my basics that I make many times a week. Too good to keep to myself! We walked through the process so everyone would be sure to have the most delicious and beautiful loaves in their own kitchen. 


    Just like these… hot from the oven. Is there a better smell than fresh bread baking in the oven? I think not!

    b 14

    In my home, jam and bread belong together like burgers and fries… chips and salsa… meat and potatoes… Jim and Jenny! My kids favorite is strawberry so that is what I taught. I go through a lot of mason jars!

    b 19

    You bet everyone sank their teeth into their own warm slice slathered in butter and this jam. Yes… it was a heavenly experience. By the way… I loved seeing all the posts on instagram of the loaves of bread you all went home and made! They all looked beautiful and I am sure your family was in heaven! I love when you share with and tag me in your food posts!

    basics 2

    My beloved Bosch mixer holding the activated yeast for my cinnamon rolls. This appliance is one of my “basics” I could not live without!

    b 10

    I think everyone needs to know how to make good cinnamon rolls. They are too good to not share with others. I bring such joy to my family whenever I make them and that brings me joy! One of the best treats ever. 

    b 17

    I mean… come on.. anticipation!

    b 18

    Time to indulge! And indulge we did!

    b 6

    It was a night of learning and eating some of my most basics that I make regularly in my home. I hope they become basics in everyone’s home that came too! I am pretty sure this Sunday is cinnamon roll day for most that came. Looking forward to seeing your posts so don’t forget to tag me @jennyevansgatherings! 

    b 20

    Once again… I forgot to take pictures of all my Gathering friends from these two classes but I was able to grab the last stragglers from my last class. Wish I remembered before they all left! I know I have said it many times.. but I seriously love these people! Thanks for a great time and gathering! XO

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  • Quick Dinners 2 Class Recap

    My last “quick dinners” class was so popular, I got a lot of requests for another one and I was happy to oblige. As I was telling my classes …… we are busy people (I get it because I am one of them!), and I know it is hard to put together a dinner for our family in our hurried lives. But I also know that we make time for the things that are important to us. I can’t tell you how many times I have been tempted to pick something up on our way home from one of my kid’s practices in the late hour….. but I know their bodies and bellies will thank me for a home cooked meal where I know every ingredient that is going into it. It is then that I decide I can take 30 minutes to make a delicious meal that will be done by the time the kids get out of the shower. We all feel a lot better for it. Most everyone can find 30 minutes to make a meal. And these aren’t just any meals… no.. these are great dishes your family will love you for! 


    My favorite go to fast dinner is my pizza… all from scratch (dough and sauce too!). I can whip two of these babies out quicker than I could call for delivery and have them at my doorstep. This is always a family favorite. This tasty beauty is one I made in one of my classes. Yes… everyone oohhhed and ahhhed and tasted the difference in “from scratch” pizza to the “other” ones. 


    This is another crowd pleaser no matter who you are. Pasta Carbonara… YUM! Comfort food at it’s best and boy is this fast to whip up! And I whipped up enough for 20 people lickety split!


    Sometimes we need to go lighter and this dish fits the bill. I taught this Soy Honey Chicken that goes perfectly with rice or steamed or sautéed vegetables. Perfect for you low carb eaters as well as hungry kiddos 


    Here I am demonstrating my Carnitas Calzones. These babies are so dang good!


    Just look at these! All ready to serve after a quick five minute bake in the oven. Mmmmmmmm! 


    And last but not least, we learned how to make these fancy looking stuffed pork chops. Who knew quick could look this fancy?   Company coming over for dinner? No worries… these will take no time at all…. even with the amazing sauce! The most perfect pork chop dish ever… seriously. Just ask anyone that attended the class. 


    You know I give all these dishes a two thumbs up! Happy to bring deliciousness and convenience your way!


    I have to give a huge shout out to my awesome assistants. This beautiful one is my niece Lisa. Luckily my other assistant, Chelsea, shot this photo of her. A big “Thank you!” to Lisa, Debbie, Chelsea and Sarah! Love you all! 


    Thanks to all that attended and feasted the night away! Now get cooking…. you have no more excuses! 

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  • Thanksgiving Class Recap


    Here it is…. THE PERFECT ROASTED TURKEY. The recipes from this class will be used time and time again and year after year for all those that came, learned, feasted and enjoyed! This turkey will be the star of the meal… no longer to be the dry, bland accompaniment to all the other dishes we serve with it to help it along. Am I right class?!


    No Thanksgiving meal is complete without rolls…and they have to be amazing. I taught how to make these amazing, fluffy, yet tender and buttery Parker House Rolls.


    As you can see, I made a lot of these rolls and they were dusted off almost immediately. Good job class! That’s what happens when you make rolls that are irresistible.


    Teaching all my tips and tricks for making pies. I absolutely love making and eating pies! It is an art to be shared.


    Freshly baked!


    Lots to learn and lots of note taking!


    My roasted green bean and mushroom salad. This is the most amazing vegetable side dish to hit a Thanksgiving table. In fact, it is too good to only serve at Thanksgiving. We all decided this will be a staple in all dinners! 


    These potatoes may not be the most photogenic dish but believe me when I say that they are “knock your socks off” good! Most definitely a must for a Thanksgiving meal!


    My dear hubby is the one that always carves the turkey, but since he was out of town during my classes, I had to do it and in front of the classes for my first time. If I do say so myself…. I think I did pretty good! I will still let my hubby do the honors though. Most definitely. 


    Here I am with some of the sliced turkey I just carved. The picture doesn’t look too good, but it was!


    A close up of the turkey breasts. Tender and flavorful!


    Time to dig in!

    IMG_3295All the “goods” including the perfect, most yummy gravy we also learned how to make.


    Of course we had the perfect finish to our Thanksgiving meal. My Hawaiian Inspired Pumpkin Pie…. to die for…seriously! And lucky for you I posted this up on this blog… just click HERE!


    This cute gal’s face shows it all! It was a fun and most delicious night! Thanks to all that came!

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