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  • Tacos Class Recap


    After taking a 2 month break from teaching classes,  it sure was fun to get back into it! Grateful to all that came. It was a popular class and menu!


    Teaching and feeding my classes these delectable tacos and my Black Bean and Sweet Potato soup made for an enjoyable evening for all! After all… who doesn’t like Mexican food, right?


    I had so many of you come with others that had bought my cooking class gift certificates to my class like this beautiful family! Perfect Christmas gift!


    That big ol’ bowl of black beans was going into a large soup pot. 


    Yup… to make this delicious and healthy Black Bean and Sweet Potato soup. Oh so good! Perfect accompaniment to any meal and a meal on it’s own.


    Look at these roasted poblano chills. They add so much flavor to any dish!


    Fast and easy homemade pico de gallo? You bet that was on the menu!


    By the way….I love seeing the smiles and laughter from all of you! Glad to know my classes are fun as well as delicious!


    Getting the avocado ready for the tacos. So. So. Good. Don’t you just want to bite right into these babies?!


    Lots of tips shared… so lots of notes!


    The finished product. My Avocado Taco. Seriously people… this one is so good there are no words! 


    Did I mention what a great date night this makes? Isn’t this couple the absolute cutest?


    I seriously can’t pick a favorite from the three tacos I taught. I mean come on… look at these Mahi Mahi tacos with my Pico de Gallo, Simple Guacamole and Apple Slaw. Yes.. they are as good if not better than they look! 


    And last but certainly not least, we learned how to make these melt in your mouth Braised Short Rib Tacos with a Roasted Poblano Sauce. Again… no words!


    I have to thank the most amazing photographer, Melissa Fuller, that took all these amazing photos (Melissa is the same photographer that took our family Christmas photo this year)! She tried to catch me with a smile like she did here.


    Because usually, I am caught making the worst faces… like here! Haha!


    I want to show off the wonderful friends in my Taco Class numero uno! (Sadly, my son took this picture and cut out one gal on the right. Sorry Lisa!)


    And another amazing group of friends from Taco Class numero dos! See you all in February for another epic night of Jenny Evans Gatherings!

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  • Jenny’s 2nd Annual Super Gathering!


    Last week I had a special cooking class night where I had the pleasure of having a group of beautiful, talented and sweet ladies over. They all either have a small business, successful blog, is an author or have a talent they share with others. 


    Having these gals gather around my island sure made for a fun night!


    I taught them all my Fall Menu. Can I tell you the dishes on this menu is phenomenal? Because it is.. it really is. A perfect menu for a “Friendsgiving” meal or new sides and dessert for Thanksgiving. It was a fitting menu!


    I had to show you the gals on the other side of the island. Don’t worry your pretty little mind… I will share the names and sites where you can learn all about them and what they do. 


    Let’s talk food for a minute (I will have better food pic’s in my next Fall Menu Class Recap, but these are a good teaser!). We had pan seared Pork Chops with a Honey Soy Glaze. I have to give a huge shout out to my two amazing assistants for the night… Lauren Parks and Fawn Dean! I couldn’t have done this without them!


    This Roasted Vegetable Crostata I am assembling is too good for words!


    This Lentil Dip makes the perfect appetizer! I shared it in my “Recipes” so you can make it too! Fast, delicious and healthy. What a perfect combination!


    Fall is about pumpkins so naturally I taught my Pumpkin Cheesecake. This will have any pumpkin haters begging for more!


    Enough talk… time to grab our plates and dig in!


    Did I mention I also taught an amazing Roasted Beets dish and a Kale and Apple Salad? So much goodness!


    How cute are these two? Ellery and Megan from Shop Strands.. an awesome jewelry company. I love their pieces! And those wraps they are sporting.. yes they sell those too.


    Cooking class turned “dinner party”!


    I made some new friends like this beauty, Chelsey. She drove all the way from Los Angeles on a Friday night… now that’s love people! But seriously.. how adorable is she?!


    It was nice to see “already” friends like Ali who is moving away next month. So glad I got a chance to see this amazing girl again!


    Some of the girls brought their “goods” to give away in a SWAG bag we got at the end of the evening. And guess what? One lucky winner will get a SWAG bag like we got in a giveaway I am having starting tomorrow! Let’s hear for free, awesome stuff!

    Here’s whats in the SWAG bag: Nena and Co. camera strap (I know.. amazing!), Mommi 3-in-1 Prenatals + Protein + DHA pack and a drink shaker (the perfect nutritional supplement for pregnant and nursing mommas), Briana Walker’s Dance Anyway book (make sure to look her up and read about her story… so inspiring!), Shop Strands necklace and bracelet (I have been wearing mine everyday!), James the Brave children’s book (this one’s a winner folks!) and a Salt and Pepper hat (coolest hats around!) Oh… and one more thing! In each SWAG bag, I put in a loaf of my Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. The winner will get my recipe so you can make it to your heart’s delight! 


    Sorry to be redundant with the picture, but I will end with telling you who’s who! From left to right- Back row: Corrine Stokoe from (@mintarrow) (not pictured because she had to leave before we took this), Tammy Mitchell (@pimkpeppermintdesign), Megan Ham and Ellery Pugmire from (@shopstrands), Lisa Flores from (@st_eve_jewelery), Chelsea Harmeyer (@sloppyelegance), Erin Schurtz (@erinshurtz), Ali Hynek (@nenaandco), Nicole Davis and Becki Owens (@owensanddavis), Morgan Smith (@morgansmith), Middle Row: Janae Olsen (@readjamesthebrave), Des Fowler www.ohsodeliciouso (@ohsodeliciouso), me @Jennyevansgatherings, Briana Walker, Summer Thacker (@saltandpeppertees), Chelsey Hale (@chelseyhale), Front Row: Kailee Wright and Megan Papworth (@stay_and_co).

    I hope you check out their sites and their amazing talents! 

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  • Hawaiian Inspired Class Recap

    IMG_0033Set up, prepped and ready to go!

    IMG_0053Making the mac nut pesto for the grilled cheese sandwiches. 


    I mean, really… just look at this stuff!IMG_0070A great grilled cheese sandwich starts with great bread. So of course I used my sandwich bread and now you can too! Head HERE for the recipe.

    IMG_0075Time to spread on the goodness!


    This Hawaiian pulled pork is like none other. So, so good people!

    IMG_0085Nice and layered and ready for the big “melt”. 

    IMG_0052The taster for this evening was dessert of the best kind! My pumpkin cheesecake with a ginger snap crust is sure to become a new Thanksgiving tradition in many homes. I know it will be in our family. You have to taste it to believe it! This is part of the menu in my next class!


    We learned how to make not one, but two amazing pancake syrups! Coconut and Lilikoi. Everyone said they loved them so much they couldn’t decide which one was their favorite. Isn’t yummier to have multiple pancakes on your plate with different syrups? You bet!


    Here they are in the making. My Banana Macadamia Nut pancakes. It was such a joy to watch everyone’s eyes roll with delight when they bit into these babies!

    IMG_0068And guess what? I am sharing not one, but two recipes from this class with you all this week! These amazing Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes and the Coconut Pancake Syrup. You can find the recipes HERE. Breakfast just got a whole lot more exciting!

    IMG_0086Sadly, I didn’t get very many pictures from this class! Debbie and I are working hard getting the acai bowls going. My rendition of my favorite one. Mmmmmm!  We also learned how to make my “over the top delicious” Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. The food from this menu was so amazing… truly an epic menu and  night! Everyone went home a very happy camper. Next in line… my Fall Menu Class!

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  • OUR Auction Winner Private Cooking Class


    Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 6.36.18 PM

    Have you all heard of the organization Operation Underground Rrailroad? My husband and I had the opportunity to attend one of their charity galas in August where I donated a private cooking class for a silent auction item. I personally know Tim Ballard, the founder of this amazing organization. They rescue children that are sold for sex slavery. Can you even imagine? Me either. 


    This guy here, Jeff bought the class and brought his company for a night of fun and team bonding. He is also a major supporter for this great organization. 


    What a great and fun group of people! It was one of those nights that I too thoroughly enjoyed.


    We made a stuffed flank steak that was utterly delicious!


    I also taught my potato mushroom side dish that is one of my absolute favorites ever! 


    These babies are cheese stuffed and topped rolls. Ya.. pretty much heaven in a roll.


    This is the perfect fall salad! My roasted squash and fig salad. It is too good for words!


    You know I wouldn’t leave out dessert! We finished the meal with the most delicious, light and fluffy cheesecake with a berry topping. 


    Did I mention the stuffed flank steak is served with an amazing and savory marinara sauce? A perfect match, wouldn’t you agree?


    Eating good food is always a good time!


    The finished product. I told you… the best!


    Passing around the goodness!


    Thanks to both Jeff and Sean (pictured above) for bringing your awesome employees for a fun and delicious night and helping out with an organization I fully support! For more information on OUR  and to see what you can do to help, go to

    Even a little bit goes a long way to change the lives of others. Thanks for reading!

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  • Cooking with Do Terra Oils Class Recap

    IMG_0263Let me first say that I am not educated about these oils, but was asked if I would teach a class using them. I realize there are many benefits to these oils, but what I was after was the taste. After much experimentation, I agreed to teaching a class with these oils using my Tender Greens inspired menu. Boy was this ever a tasty class! What a great combo… health benefits from these oils and incredibly delicious!



    I was able to use a variety of the oils with these amazing roasted vegetables. Best veggies around!


    My tomato soup will knock your socks off. My kids can’t get enough of this stuff! You bet it certainly pleased this crowd as well! And guess what? The recipe is on my blog (minus the oils) so hop on over HERE to get the recipe!


    Prepping the ciabatta bread to go on the grill. 


    These babies are grilling to perfection.


    And this… is what that perfection looks like! Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into those?


    This ciabatta toast is the perfect paring with tomato soup! Just like peanut butter is to jelly, cheese is to macaroni, ketchup is to fries… you get the picture.


    Through my experimentation, I found the best way to add these oils to your dishes was to first add the drop or drops to a spoon, then mix it in. It is the easiest way to see how much you actually put in and if too much came out, I was able to reduce the amount instead of ruining the dish. Yes… I like to teach tips as much as I can in class.


    We also had seared pork chops with a delicious sofrito sauce on the menu. 


    I topped off those amazing pork chops with delicious seasoned greens. Just look at that colorful and amazing plate!


     I developed this cake just for this class and can I tell you how good it is? Super moist with a fusion of different flavors! Using these oils gave me the versatility of melding different flavors without changing the texture of the cake. What flavors you ask? Lemon, wild orange and lavender. And the cake has fresh pears and fresh blackberries to top it all off!


    I can’t forget to tell you about the ginger infused whipped cream. Yes this a killer finish!


    The best part of course… diving in to eat all we learned!


    This here is Harmony. She is the Do Terra specialist and she told us all what the benefits are of each oil I used in each of these dishes. If you want to know more about these oils you can contact her at

    It was truly a great class! My tip when cooking with these oils is to use the real herb as well as the oil. For example, in a dish that calls for basil, I would use fresh or dried basil (depending on the dish) and add the basil oil. I found that using the oil alone in most cases did not give me the flavor umph I wanted. So adjust your ingredients when using the oils until you have it just right!

    Thanks Harmony for thinking of me and putting together such a great class! I look forward to learning more about these oils and all the benefits they can have on my and my family. 

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  • Mexican Grill Class Recap

    Summer has gotten to me this year. I love my R & R and vacations…. so much so that I have not been blogging as I had planned to with all my “down time”! I am slowly but surely getting up past posts that are long over due. I had to make sure I shared my Mexican Grill class with you all. It was such a fun and super delicious one! 



    See what I mean? “Dull” and “boring” do not exist in my classes!


    I  taught how to make the most amazing black beans ever. True story… just ask anyone that attended. 


    The finished product. Epic I tell you.


    I am so lucky to have my sweet hubby teach with me when we do grilling classes. I am thankful for him and to have him on my team! Some amazing Pollo Asado is grilling under that hood. 


    Grilled to perfection!


    I also taught how to make a mouth watering Mango Coconut Tart. Oh man… what a perfect finish to any meal!


    Just look at this beauty! Killer good I tell you.


    Time to feast take 1!


    Time to feast take 2! I love sharing my food creations and watching them being enjoyed!


    I also love when you want to take pictures too!


    The time everyone has been waiting for!


    Isn’t that a gorgeous plate of food? Pollo Asado, Cilantro Lime Rice, My Amazing Black Beans and a Mexican Caprese Salad. Eye feast!


    A dinner gathering… Mexican style. 


    Good food… good friends… good times.


    Some of my helpers…. love them!


    Ahhhhh…. another great class! Stay tuned for a recipe from this class. If summer lets me get to it sooner than later……



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  • Cupcake Class Recap


     It is about time I share my first cupcake workshop with you all. This class was so much fun and everyone was excited to learn how to make the most delicious cupcakes!


    Nothing but beautiful smiles and laughs all night long!


    These here are the cinnamon oatmeal cupcakes that are a family recipe from my hubby’s grandmother. They are unique and absolutely amazing!


    My lemon meringue cupcakes ready for the next stage…..


    In goes the yummiest lemon filling!


    Next, comes the meringue, then the fun part…. torching it to give it the perfect finish!


    We also learned how to make these chocolate peanut butter gems. Makes my mouth water just looking at these!


    Now it is time for the class to try their hand at it! I provided different tips for everyone to try. She is doing it up just gorgeous…. don’t you think?


    See? Nothing but a “sweet” fun time! And lots of smiles.


    Everyone got to take home a plateful of cupcakes they so expertly decorated.


    Trying their hand at the torch brought out a lot of squeals and laughs!


    I’d say my first cupcake workshop was a huge success! If I were you, I would want to be invited to one of their parties where these cupcakes will be making a star appearance!

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  • Salads and Butter Cake Classes Recap


    I am back from the dead… or from my very long break! Yes… I am still here… just enjoying summer. I plan on catching up on my past class recaps and sharing more recipes with you… but you have to be patient as I am in full “summer” mode… or “slo-mo” mode. Let’s talk about my Salads and Butter Cake classes. 

    Can you believe I taught my Salads and Butter Cake class five times?! Yup…. it’s true and it was so dang good!


    The first salad we made was this light, refreshing and delicious Zucchini and Ricotta Salad with a Lemon Vinaigrette. Tastes like summer!


    I have to show off this cutting board I was given from a sweet gal that has become a regular in my classes. Isn’t it amazing? Thanks so much Joni!


    Three darling gals enjoying the salad and obviously the company!


    In the works for salad number two… my Quinoa Super Salad.


    Here it is ready to be dressed with the Spinach Dressing in the blender I made. This is the perfect salad for the beach, picnic, or anytime. A perfect staple in the refrigerator too, at least it is in my home!


     I made the yummiest Honey Whole Wheat Loaves that are a snap to make. Just showing one of them off …. it is worthy of it!


    You bet everyone was excited to learn how to make my super delicious Butter Cakes!


    So much delicious goodness in these babies!


    Yay… they are done!

    butter cake recipe

    I mean come on…. 


    One of my all time favorite salads…. my Island Chopped. I love when people take photos of the dishes!


    One of the classes had a second row to accomodate everyone that wanted to come this night. I broke my 18 people max limit… I didn’t want anyone to miss out. 


    Time to show off the wonderful people that came to the classes!


    Dr. Hada booked a Salads and Butter Cake Private class. What a great staff he has. And lucky to have such a great boss!


    I love these people…. some are long time friends and others have become instant friends.


    Girls night out. 


    My circle of friends just keeps growing.


    Thanks to all that came! What a fun month it was. Now get cooking!

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  • Soups and Bars Class Recap


     Let me start off by saying how I am lucky to have the opportunity to teach these classes that are so much fun…. not only for you all but for me too! 


    I am glad to know that you all look forward to these classes as much as I do! And I get to look at your sweet and beautiful faces all night.


    A cute mom and daughter duo! I had three daughter and mom couples in my class this night. Well.. one was a soon to be mother in law and daughter in law. Fun!


    And you are kind enough to laugh with me… because apparently… I crack myself up!

    IMG_0101Ok… so on to the food. We learned how to make fresh noodles in our chicken noodle soup. These beauties make soup heavenly!

    chix noodle

    Just look at those noodles. Really. 


    These are just some of the vegetables that we loaded into my Vegetable Beef soup. 


    I cut up some amazing sirloin steaks for the soup. And we let them simmer until they were practically melting in your mouth.

    IMG_0155This Clam Chowder is so creamy and dreamy. You will want to lick your bowl clean!


    We learned how to make not one, but two desserts!  My Carmelitas are out of this world!


    S’mores bars…. even better than they look!


    Here’s a shot of most of the people in my class this night. Love them! Sorry for the terrible picture quality. As you can see… it was another fantastic and delicious class!

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  • Asian Fusion Class Recap


     Funny, sad and true story. At the beginning of the week of these cooking classes, I fell off a tall stool and messed up my ankle and was put on crutches. This is how I taught…. sitting on a stool with my leg propped. How do you ask is this possibly funny? If you saw my hubby you would laugh at the two of us. He got in a snowboarding accident a few weeks ago where he broke his collarbone and leg and so he cant walk either! I know.. funny in a sick twisted way. Somehow everyone that sees us manages to laugh out loud. Honestly, I would too!

    Word count: 110

    af3The show (so to speak) must go on and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this fabulous lady. I have to give a huge shout out to my assistant Debbie (sorry I didn’t have a better picture of this pretty lady)! Debbie prepped for 8 1/2 hours the day before the classes since I couldn’t do much and stayed for 8 hours each class day to help prep for the day. 2-4-6-8 who do I appreciate? DEBBIE! And of course I appreciate my other helpers in class (Caitlyn, Ashley and Claire) as I couldn’t have done it without them as well!


    My stove saw a lot of action this class! From my huge wok, to my soup pot and two pots of boiling water. So glad I have a lot of burners!


    One fellow who attended my class showed us his fast method for filling pot stickers. It was genius and so much faster than what I was doing. I will have to share this on my Tuesday’s Tools and Tips. Thanks Abe for sharing! 


    Here they are ready to be shaped.


    We made 96 pot sticker for each class. You bet they were all devoured… too good to resist!


    And don’t get me started on this dipping sauce we drizzled on top of the pot stickers. Took them to another level!

    af 1

    We went through a lot of cans of this light coconut milk. So good!


    Some of those cans went into this amazing Fusion Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. I think it is safe to say it was a class favorite. 


    Fusion Thai Chicken Stir Fry was also taught and devoured. 


    I had to buy these Chinese take out cartons to serve it in. I couldn’t resist!


    Look at this cute couple having a fun cooking class date night!


    I also taught another amazing salad… Asian influenced. YUM!


    We made homemade Chinese almond cookies for the big finish. These babies are so good there are no words. Well maybe one… addicting!


    It was a fun and tasty two nights. Thanks to all that came!

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