Here it is…. THE PERFECT ROASTED TURKEY. The recipes from this class will be used time and time again and year after year for all those that came, learned, feasted and enjoyed! This turkey will be the star of the meal… no longer to be the dry, bland accompaniment to all the other dishes we serve with it to help it along. Am I right class?!


No Thanksgiving meal is complete without rolls…and they have to be amazing. I taught how to make these amazing, fluffy, yet tender and buttery Parker House Rolls.


As you can see, I made a lot of these rolls and they were dusted off almost immediately. Good job class! That’s what happens when you make rolls that are irresistible.


Teaching all my tips and tricks for making pies. I absolutely love making and eating pies! It is an art to be shared.


Freshly baked!


Lots to learn and lots of note taking!


My roasted green bean and mushroom salad. This is the most amazing vegetable side dish to hit a Thanksgiving table. In fact, it is too good to only serve at Thanksgiving. We all decided this will be a staple in all dinners! 


These potatoes may not be the most photogenic dish but believe me when I say that they are “knock your socks off” good! Most definitely a must for a Thanksgiving meal!


My dear hubby is the one that always carves the turkey, but since he was out of town during my classes, I had to do it and in front of the classes for my first time. If I do say so myself…. I think I did pretty good! I will still let my hubby do the honors though. Most definitely. 


Here I am with some of the sliced turkey I just carved. The picture doesn’t look too good, but it was!


A close up of the turkey breasts. Tender and flavorful!


Time to dig in!

IMG_3295All the “goods” including the perfect, most yummy gravy we also learned how to make.


Of course we had the perfect finish to our Thanksgiving meal. My Hawaiian Inspired Pumpkin Pie…. to die for…seriously! And lucky for you I posted this up on this blog… just click HERE!


This cute gal’s face shows it all! It was a fun and most delicious night! Thanks to all that came!