Let me start off by saying how I am lucky to have the opportunity to teach these classes that are so much fun…. not only for you all but for me too! 


I am glad to know that you all look forward to these classes as much as I do! And I get to look at your sweet and beautiful faces all night.


A cute mom and daughter duo! I had three daughter and mom couples in my class this night. Well.. one was a soon to be mother in law and daughter in law. Fun!


And you are kind enough to laugh with me… because apparently… I crack myself up!

IMG_0101Ok… so on to the food. We learned how to make fresh noodles in our chicken noodle soup. These beauties make soup heavenly!

chix noodle

Just look at those noodles. Really. 


These are just some of the vegetables that we loaded into my Vegetable Beef soup. 


I cut up some amazing sirloin steaks for the soup. And we let them simmer until they were practically melting in your mouth.

IMG_0155This Clam Chowder is so creamy and dreamy. You will want to lick your bowl clean!


We learned how to make not one, but two desserts!  My Carmelitas are out of this world!


S’mores bars…. even better than they look!


Here’s a shot of most of the people in my class this night. Love them! Sorry for the terrible picture quality. As you can see… it was another fantastic and delicious class!