My last “quick dinners” class was so popular, I got a lot of requests for another one and I was happy to oblige. As I was telling my classes …… we are busy people (I get it because I am one of them!), and I know it is hard to put together a dinner for our family in our hurried lives. But I also know that we make time for the things that are important to us. I can’t tell you how many times I have been tempted to pick something up on our way home from one of my kid’s practices in the late hour….. but I know their bodies and bellies will thank me for a home cooked meal where I know every ingredient that is going into it. It is then that I decide I can take 30 minutes to make a delicious meal that will be done by the time the kids get out of the shower. We all feel a lot better for it. Most everyone can find 30 minutes to make a meal. And these aren’t just any meals… no.. these are great dishes your family will love you for! 


My favorite go to fast dinner is my pizza… all from scratch (dough and sauce too!). I can whip two of these babies out quicker than I could call for delivery and have them at my doorstep. This is always a family favorite. This tasty beauty is one I made in one of my classes. Yes… everyone oohhhed and ahhhed and tasted the difference in “from scratch” pizza to the “other” ones. 


This is another crowd pleaser no matter who you are. Pasta Carbonara… YUM! Comfort food at it’s best and boy is this fast to whip up! And I whipped up enough for 20 people lickety split!


Sometimes we need to go lighter and this dish fits the bill. I taught this Soy Honey Chicken that goes perfectly with rice or steamed or sautéed vegetables. Perfect for you low carb eaters as well as hungry kiddos 


Here I am demonstrating my Carnitas Calzones. These babies are so dang good!


Just look at these! All ready to serve after a quick five minute bake in the oven. Mmmmmmmm! 


And last but not least, we learned how to make these fancy looking stuffed pork chops. Who knew quick could look this fancy?   Company coming over for dinner? No worries… these will take no time at all…. even with the amazing sauce! The most perfect pork chop dish ever… seriously. Just ask anyone that attended the class. 


You know I give all these dishes a two thumbs up! Happy to bring deliciousness and convenience your way!


I have to give a huge shout out to my awesome assistants. This beautiful one is my niece Lisa. Luckily my other assistant, Chelsea, shot this photo of her. A big “Thank you!” to Lisa, Debbie, Chelsea and Sarah! Love you all! 


Thanks to all that attended and feasted the night away! Now get cooking…. you have no more excuses!