Valentine’s day is around the corner… and I’ve got the perfect dessert for the occasion. I taught how to make these delicious individual cheesecake parfaits a couple of years ago and they are so dang good! They’ve got it all… a sweet graham cracker bottom, real cheesecake chunks, the most delicious creamy and light cheesecake filling… topped with a cherry compote, whipped cream, chocolate shavings (because there has to be chocolate on Valentine’s day… isn’t that a law or something?) and the crunch of some roasted pistachios. If that doesn’t sound heavenly… then nothing does!

I’m throwing my first ever “Gal”entines party this weekend and I knew exactly what I wanted to serve for the sweet ending to my feast. So my friends… as my Valentine’s gift to you all… I am sharing this amazing recipe. Happy Valentines day and get your dessert making on!