Hello Friends,

Wow… I was supposed to teach this class THREE (!!!) years ago back in March 2020. But the whole world got turned upside down and shut down. But here we are and not only am I ready to teach this class… but it’s going to be one of my most epic classes everrrr! And I mean EPIC!

Why you ask? Well… to celebrate my return to teaching these classes that I love… I reached out to many of my favorite companies and people and they are donating their wonderful products that we will be giving away throughout each class. So… not only do we all get to enjoy being together again, learning some amazing dishes and feasting together but on top of that… EVERYONE will go home with an amazing gift donated by one of my wonderful sponsors or me! I did a couple of classes like this in the past at Christmas time but this will far surpass even those classes!

Now to get back to the class menu, here’s the original class post:

As you may know…. I have been going to an amazing cooking school in Tuscany for many years where we learn amazing Tuscan traditional dishes from chef Sandra Lotti. I have her permission to teach her amazing (best I’ve ever had!) Tuscan Lasagna. It is unlike any Lasagna we are familiar with here. It literally melts in your mouth and you definitely need it in your life! The rest of the menu are dishes that are absolute faves of mine. Garlic knots… who doesn’t LOVE those?! Cacio e Pepe Cauliflower…. best cauliflower ever. A Kale Romaine Caesar Salad with the most amazing Brioche Croutons (flavor bomb!). And I’m finally ready to teach an amazing Almond Cookie Cake (a cross between a biscotti and a cookie.. perfect for your after dinner drink… hot or cold) that I get every year from an incredible Italian bakery in Miami Beach. Yes… this class is chock full of flavor and favorites!

I basically told you all about the menu above, but I’ll spell it all out for you again:

Tuscan Lasagna, Garlic Knots, Cacio e Pepe Cauliflower, Kale Romaine Caesar Salad with Brioche Croutons and for the perfect ending… Italian Almond Cookie Cake.

This class will be held on Thursday, May 25th and Friday, May 26th at 5:30.

Please email me at jennyleeevans@gmail.com if you’d like a spot in this class. The class spots are very limited and are going fast so don’t delay contacting me if you’d like a spot! Those that held out for this class the past three years and didn’t want a refund… you’re automatically in and at the original price you paid. But please email me with a confirmation that you can come.

I first demonstrate how to make the dishes and then we feast! Yes, this is a cooking class plus feasting… no small samples here. You got to love that! So come hungry! The cost of each class is $100.00 per person. Let me know if you are interested and I will contact you with more information about the class and tentatively put your name on the reservation list. When I receive your check, I will reserve your spot (email me for my address – jennyleeevans@gmail.com). Or even better… pay with Venmo (@jenny-evans-9). My classes are filling up really fast so please let me know if you are interested before you pay to make sure there is an open spot. For cancellations, I require a “2 weeks notice before the class” notice for a refund or class credit. IF YOU FIND YOU CANNOT COME AFTER THE NON REFUNDABLE TIME, YOU ARE WELCOME TO FIND A REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR SPOT.

I get a lot of requests for private classes. I have taught gatherings for birthdays, couples classes, company parties or just someone that wanted to learn a past menu and got a group of friends together to learn. I love doing these party- like classes and talk about a good time! Please feel free to contact me anytime if you are interested in doing such a class. The cost for a private class is $1,890.00 for a class with a minimum of 18 people. I can accommodate more people for a an extra cost per person.

 Anyone is invited to attend, so please feel free to forward this on to your friends, neighbors and family. I hope you can join me for another gathering of delicious food and a fun night!

Happy Cooking!

Jenny Evans