Hi Friends!

I am on a roll… three weeks of table scapes for you! I hope I am able to help you conquer any fears or intimidation of putting together your own beautiful gathering. I’d love to hear from any of you that have done so!

Sunday dinners are a tradition and a much looked forward to time for our family. It’s typically the one day of the week that our family can consistently be together and “break” bread around the table. We love to invite friends and other family over. This week, we invited our son’s (who moved back for a short 6 weeks for an internship in our local area) friends and some of their wives from college over as they are all here for the summer. A mini reunion of sorts… a happy time for sure!

By the way.. I wasn’t sure if I would be home on Sunday (dance competition in Las Vegas for our daughter) but things worked out last minute. So this post can show you how this can be done on the fly! I got home early Saturday evening and planned this very impromptu dinner.


Tonights look is all about neutral texture and layering. I started with these crocheted pieces and laid them width wise.. definitely creates interest on the table.

IMG_0218Next… the second layer…. the old barn wood pieces that are one of my very favorite tabletop pieces. You will see these a lot on my different table scapes!


Step three…. If you’ve been following me and reading my blog posts, you know the drill with my cake pedestals and wooden bowls.


Branches clipped off of my Birch tree is just the look I was looking for. Lay them down the boards and around the base of the pedestals and bowls. Greens are always a good idea!

Another tip… start by draping the first branch on one side of the table and place the other branches in the same direction until you hit the middle spot of the table (there should be a candle or pedestal in the middle of the table). Then drape a branch on the other end of the table, and continue laying down the branches on the opposite side of the table in the same direction until you hit the middle of the table. Make sure to wrap some greens around the base of the table or candlestick holder. Be careful not to have anything close to the flame of the candles.  I may or may not have had experience with that!


I sometimes buy flowers the day before and keep them in water until I need them. I absolutely love these simple, “mini daisy looking” flowers. Aren’t they the perfect look for a summer table?


Last week I showed you how I love to use mismatched napkins. This week, it’s all about mismatched plates! Once again…. easier on your time and budget. Buy one plate at a time when you see one you love! I love this casual, fun and unexpected look. To keep the same theme…. they are all ceramic plates. You have to have some consistency in your look to keep it classy!


Once again, don’t underestimate what a great glass, cup or goblet can do for the look of your table. I have a lot going on with the different colored plates so clear glass cups were the ticket for tonight. These glasses have such a beautiful design on them.. they too are some of my very favorites! I have them in clear and one other color. I would love them in every color they offer!


This is just a shot to show you the beautiful setting and feel you get when you dine al fresco! I mean.. come on.. does it get any better than that?


Next come the candlestick holders and candles. Sometimes I do this step before I set up my plates, but with the mismatched plates, I wanted to see what would look best after I set my plates on the table. I decided on a very natural and rustic look. Two tall wooden candelabras and some old, antique maple syrup catching cups. When I saw these cups, I immediately pictured tall candles in them. Such a great and different look… don’t you think? A change from tea lights.


The final step… the food….. glorious food! Yes… steaks again (actually a variety of three different kinds of steaks.. yum!), I can’t get enough of a nice, juicy steak lately! And seriously… grilling them on our Traeger Grill takes them over the top on tenderness and flavor. Cant be beat! The perfect summer main dish.  Oh… and let’s not forget the truffle butter stuffed rolls… to die for! And before you ask (because I know you’re wondering), the salad is my Un-Waldorf salad. Everyone was in love!


And as always… the cherry on the top… our dear family and friends feasting, visiting , feasting, enjoying and feasting some more!

There you have it….  Another Sunday dinner with the Evans!