I taught how to make these delicious pot stickers in my last class. As a child, I remember sitting at our kitchen table and helping my mom fill and form a ton of these for our family dinners. Oh how I loved when we made these. They were seriously one of my favorite things to eat ever! I think we must have made well over 100 of these at a time. Now I know why she had any of us kids that would help her get in on the pot sticker action. Being Korean, we didn’t call them pot stickers. We called them mandu (pronounced mon-doo). My mom would deep fry the mandu and yes that made them that much more flavorful and decadent. I don’t like to deep fry our food, so I boil mine. You can also pan fry, then finish them off by steaming them. We dipped our mandu in plain soy sauce. For these pot stickers, I created the most delicious dipping sauce that you can drizzle over them. 

Why am I posting about these delicious gems? Because I am sharing the recipe for my mom’s pot stickers with you! I add more veggies to them with thinly sliced cabbage, but other than that, they remind me of my moms. She also used ground beef, where as I use ground pork. You can use any ground meat you like. Get your family around your kitchen table and make these delicious morsels. Your kids will have fond memories of helping you make pot stickers for dinner! I love the memories food evokes. I have so many food related memories! Click HERE for the recipe.  The recipe will make about 96 pot stickers which sounds like a lot… but once your family tastes them… 96 won’t seem like a whole lot anymore! Make them and you will see!