Funny, sad and true story. At the beginning of the week of these cooking classes, I fell off a tall stool and messed up my ankle and was put on crutches. This is how I taught…. sitting on a stool with my leg propped. How do you ask is this possibly funny? If you saw my hubby you would laugh at the two of us. He got in a snowboarding accident a few weeks ago where he broke his collarbone and leg and so he cant walk either! I know.. funny in a sick twisted way. Somehow everyone that sees us manages to laugh out loud. Honestly, I would too!

Word count: 110

af3The show (so to speak) must go on and it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for this fabulous lady. I have to give a huge shout out to my assistant Debbie (sorry I didn’t have a better picture of this pretty lady)! Debbie prepped for 8 1/2 hours the day before the classes since I couldn’t do much and stayed for 8 hours each class day to help prep for the day. 2-4-6-8 who do I appreciate? DEBBIE! And of course I appreciate my other helpers in class (Caitlyn, Ashley and Claire) as I couldn’t have done it without them as well!


My stove saw a lot of action this class! From my huge wok, to my soup pot and two pots of boiling water. So glad I have a lot of burners!


One fellow who attended my class showed us his fast method for filling pot stickers. It was genius and so much faster than what I was doing. I will have to share this on my Tuesday’s Tools and Tips. Thanks Abe for sharing! 


Here they are ready to be shaped.


We made 96 pot sticker for each class. You bet they were all devoured… too good to resist!


And don’t get me started on this dipping sauce we drizzled on top of the pot stickers. Took them to another level!

af 1

We went through a lot of cans of this light coconut milk. So good!


Some of those cans went into this amazing Fusion Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. I think it is safe to say it was a class favorite. 


Fusion Thai Chicken Stir Fry was also taught and devoured. 


I had to buy these Chinese take out cartons to serve it in. I couldn’t resist!


Look at this cute couple having a fun cooking class date night!


I also taught another amazing salad… Asian influenced. YUM!


We made homemade Chinese almond cookies for the big finish. These babies are so good there are no words. Well maybe one… addicting!


It was a fun and tasty two nights. Thanks to all that came!