I literally threw this class out there in less than one week and the class sold out almost immediately. So I added another day and that also sold out. I knew some of you wanted to learn my basics but I guess there was more than just” some” of you that were interested! There was so much goodness taught and devoured those nights!

basic 1I don’t think there is a better tasting roasted chicken than this one. Once my family smells it roasting in the oven they get so excited! I like to make a lot of it so we are sure to have lots of yummy leftovers. Here I am applying the rub.. the amazing rub. 


These babies are done! Perfect crispy skin and the most moist, flavorful meat. My mouth starts watering about now.


My signature salad has candied nuts in it so I wanted to share how easy it is to candy your own nuts. So much yummier and a ton cheaper than what you get at the store. An added tip I taught to my classes. One that they will use time and time again!

b 7

Here it is… My Signature Salad. Easy to make… dressing and all… but flavor that quickly becomes a favorite of all that taste it. Double yum!

b 4

Of course, my sandwich bread is one of my basics that I make many times a week. Too good to keep to myself! We walked through the process so everyone would be sure to have the most delicious and beautiful loaves in their own kitchen. 


Just like these… hot from the oven. Is there a better smell than fresh bread baking in the oven? I think not!

b 14

In my home, jam and bread belong together like burgers and fries… chips and salsa… meat and potatoes… Jim and Jenny! My kids favorite is strawberry so that is what I taught. I go through a lot of mason jars!

b 19

You bet everyone sank their teeth into their own warm slice slathered in butter and this jam. Yes… it was a heavenly experience. By the way… I loved seeing all the posts on instagram of the loaves of bread you all went home and made! They all looked beautiful and I am sure your family was in heaven! I love when you share with and tag me in your food posts!

basics 2

My beloved Bosch mixer holding the activated yeast for my cinnamon rolls. This appliance is one of my “basics” I could not live without!

b 10

I think everyone needs to know how to make good cinnamon rolls. They are too good to not share with others. I bring such joy to my family whenever I make them and that brings me joy! One of the best treats ever. 

b 17

I mean… come on.. anticipation!

b 18

Time to indulge! And indulge we did!

b 6

It was a night of learning and eating some of my most basics that I make regularly in my home. I hope they become basics in everyone’s home that came too! I am pretty sure this Sunday is cinnamon roll day for most that came. Looking forward to seeing your posts so don’t forget to tag me @jennyevansgatherings! 

b 20

Once again… I forgot to take pictures of all my Gathering friends from these two classes but I was able to grab the last stragglers from my last class. Wish I remembered before they all left! I know I have said it many times.. but I seriously love these people! Thanks for a great time and gathering! XO