Last Saturday, we had the most fun dinner activity at our church that we call “A Night With the Stars”. It is seriously so much fun that I have to share the details of the evening with you!


As you walked in the foyer, you were greeted with a red carpet lined with stanchions (I forgot to take pictures at the beginning when everything was set up.) This was at the end as everything was in the process of being taken down. There was also a photographer (papparazzi) taking pictures of all the movie stars as we entered. Look below at the great signs that were also in the foyer and were the first things you saw. 


More papparazzi of course!


Everyone was a V.I. P. tonight!



There were 14 tables…. each that had hosts that picked a movie that they based their table, decorations, costumes and food (if applicable) on. My hubby and I hosted a table (Each host invited people to their table. There were 14 dinner parties within one huge dinner party. Does that make sense?) and we picked the movie Swiss Family Robinson. I envisioned tree house decor and this is the end result! Not too shabby!


A side view of our decor.


Me and my pirate. Yes… there were pirates in the movie!


Here is a shot of our table. I used burlap for our tablecloth, pewter plates and pitchers, coconut shell cups as well as coconuts on our table, a make shift roasting spit for out roast chicken (we served the pieces cut up under the spit), banana leaves lined rustic wooden bowls for our salad, veggie side dish, cut up fruit and we served rustic bread we broke with our hands. Everyone from our table helped bring something for our meal as well as the decor. We had mismatched wooden chairs we sat on to give the shipwrecked look. I love how it turned out!


Here the “Frozen” table. They even had a snowmaker that blew fake snow!


“Father of the Bride” table. This table was as pretty if not prettier than most tables at a real wedding reception. Complete with a real wedding cake of course!


You guessed it! Mary Poppins. They hung a parasol from each of their chairs.. how cute is that?! Their costumes were amazing too!


“Napoleon Dynamite” with a lunch table equipped with the school trays and  milk cartons. The people at this table were so in character they had a ball all night!


The banquet of food from “The Hunger Games”. 


“Life of Pi” table. I noticed they had a plethora of delicious pies for dessert. Yum!


“Field of Dreams.” Complete with a concession stand and real turf!


“Finding Nemo”. They also had a side table complete with a fish tank and dental equipment!IMG_0730

“Field of Dreams”. Love the wheat bundles!

There were three more tables that I didn’t get a good shot of. Despicable Me 2, Three Amigos and The Avengers. In my next post I will show you some of the awesome people that attended, their costumes and the fun entertainment we had! It was seriously the most fun night!