I saw this here little guy at Sur La Table and had to try it out. A point and shoot instant read thermometer? Sounds too good to be true!


Do these look familiar to you? These are what I used and have in my kitchen tools drawer. Honestly, the dang things frustrated me. They seemed to stay at one temperature forever…. then suddenly jump up. I am never sure if they are working correctly or if they broke on me. I don’t know about you, but when I try to attach these to my pans, they don’t want to stay in the position I need them in in order to get a correct reading. I end up holding them forever….. hoping they still work. 


I put the infrared thermometer to the test making ricottta cheese. The temperature is crucial when making ricotta cheese. 


You just press a button while shooting the food you want the temperature read on. A red laser light beams down on the surface of the liquid and gives me a reading. This will not give you a correct reading on meat where you need to probe it to get the inner temperature. It was honestly so easy! 

I can’t wait to try it when making caramel sauce. This thermometer is great when you need to measure the temperature of the surface of anything. I love a product that makes my life easier and saves me time. Double win!

And guess what? It is on sale right now at Sur La Table for 29.00! The other I.F. thermometers there were closer to 80.00. Got to love a great deal!