I am doing it again… Quick Dinners round two! My first one was so popular and became your go to recipes for your families. So here we go again with new dishes to add to your quick dinner nights!


Pizza…. a favorite of most everyone! You will be able to make this whole pie (including the made from scratch dough) in less time than ordering one for delivery and getting it to your home. And it will taste thousands times better!


Pasta Carbonara. Another family favorite! So creamy, full of flavor and satisfying! This is one of those dishes that your family will not just eat, but will “inhale!”


These Spinach and Feta Stuffed Pork Chops are not only fast to make, but look fancy enough to serve on special occasions. You will love everything about this one!


Carnitas Calzones…. yes they are just as amazing as they sound. Mexican/ Italian fusion…. it is a match made in heaven! And not pictured is the last dish… Soy Honey Chicken. A nice light dish, but heavy on flavor!

To check out the date for this class, click HERE. It is sold out but you can sign up to be on the wait list. If you are interested in having me add an additional class on Friday, January 10th (at 5:30), email me (jennyleeevans@gmail.com) and I will see if I get enough interest to add that date. 

Happy Cooking!