This time of year, one of the best treats to warm your soul and tummy is my Heavenly Hot Chocolate served with these White Chocolate Peppermint Stirring Sticks. 

They are both a snap to make and your friends and family will love you for it. As I tell my friends… drinking my hot chocolate is an “experience!”

To get started, you will need full sized peppermint candy canes. The most labor intensive part is unwrapping each candy cane, but I found that unwrapping them this year was a breeze… thank you candy cane companies for making it a much less frustrating experience!

Next, I cut my candy canes instead of breaking them and they cut perfectly and exactly where I wanted ( I use Cutco scissors). I cut them right across from the end of the cane part to get them all the same length. I then put all the curved cane parts in the food processor to get finely crushed. 

Take your white chocolate pieces or chips and melt them (Make sure you melt enough chocolate to dip the marshmallow in. It should be at least a couple inches deep if not deeper). I microwave mine in a glass measuring cup (I start at 1 minute and add 30 second increments at a time until they are melted. You have to stir with a little spoon or spatula to check if they are melted through as the chocolate holds it’s shape even when melted). 

Take your candy cane sticks and pierce a full sized marshmallow with it making sure it stands straight. Some marshmallows in the bag do not have a flat top and bottom. Make sure to use ones that are flat and will stand straight when pierced with a peppermint stick (Jet Puff brand has better shaped marshmallows than the generic brands). 


Dip the marshmallow in the white chocolate making sure to remove some of the excess chocolate, rotating it around the sides of the bowl.


Immediately roll it in the crushed candy canes, making sure to cover the bottom and sides. 


Place on a parchment lined surface to cool and harden. 


Serve these with my amazing hot chocolate and some gingerbread men on the side, snuggle up by a warm fireplace and enjoy the season at  it’s best! 

Click HERE for my Heavenly Hot Chocolate and White Chocolate Peppermint Stir Sticks recipe and enjoy the “experience!”