Today’s tips will be help you bake pies without burning or ending up with an overly baked outer crust. How is it done you ask? 


There are two ways  you can shield your crust from overexposure of heat while baking. The first is to buy one of these pie shields. They really are great, but they are a one size only and in this case…. one size does not fit all. What to do?


Here is where simple foil comes to the rescue. I cut them into 2 inch thick strips. 


Carefully wrap the strips of foil around the crust. Be careful you don’t mar the crust in the process. A light touch is best. 


Go all around the  pie making sure not to leave any exposed parts. No pie flashing!


Usually I have filling in my pie at this point. Make sure to keep the foil off the filling or it will bake into it and stick to the pie. It is not pretty to rip off.  Remove the foil around five minutes before the pie is finished baking to ensure a nice golden crust. And there you have it! Are you just itching to make a pie? I hope you give it a try this Thanksgiving. It will be a snap with my tips!