You know when you get a craving for something and you just can’t get it out of your head? Well, that is where this ice cream came to be… from a craving. I wanted cherries and dark chocolate… in wonderful, yummy chunks swimming in homemade, creamy ice cream. Nothing complicated…. just simple and simply good. 


I love cherries and love when cherries are in season! Sweet, plump, juicy, ruby flesh. what’s not to love?  


Here is what you need to make this dreamy , creamy sweet treat. (Well, maybe not that much chocolate, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra to snack on!)


Yes, this was a delicious work of my efforts, if you know what I mean.


Whoever came up with this genius invention made the world a whole lot easier! Do you have a cherry pitter? If not, you should. Really. So easy and effortless. I bet you will have all sorts of cherry cravings in your mind once you get one of these. Any who…. I love my cherry pitter. And it made satisfying my craving that much easier. So a huge thank you to the genius inventor…whoever you are.


Slicing and popping some of these gems in my mouth. Could you resist?


Dump them in a sauce pan with some sugar. IMG_7420

Add some water and bring it to a simmer for about 10 minutes. Believe it or not, caramelizing these babies is way better in the ice cream than fresh. How do I know? I made two batches… one using fresh cherries and one with the caramelized ones. When I  have a craving for something good… I don’t take chances. This is serious!


Next… to prepare the cream part of the ice cream we need sugar… of course!


Whole milk.


Cream. Duh….


And vanilla. I love me some good vanilla!


Mix it up real good. You have to love homemade. A simple, uncomplicated recipe with few ingredients. Nothing artificial, just pure, old fashioned goodness.


After a good chill, time to make magic in the ice cream maker. Add the cream mixture… the cherries….


And the chocolate…. yum! Oh.. I can hardly wait!


There she is!


My craving is about to be satisfied in the best possible way! Creamy ice cream with chunks of cherries and chocolate… I know you want some too! I am sharing my recipe so you too can enjoy the simple goodness. Maybe I made some brownies and hot fudge sauce to go with this… just maybe…..

Click HERE for the full recipe.