Oh how I loved eating my way through this great town! I found this great cafe on our second day in town. I heard they are packed for breakfast! We came for lunch and loved it! 


If I ever owned a restaurant (which by the way, I never will because I don’t want to!), I would want it too look just like this place. Look at this case, such beautiful and delicious yumminess calling my name. I hate making decisions when there are so many good choices!


We had the trio salad plate where we picked three salads of our choice from their freshly made salads case. Kale, Roasted carrots and Farro. Yum! We also had a couple of pastries and a turkey meatball sandwich. It was like having a piece of San Francisco right here in L.A. 


Once again, my phone does not do this wonderful bread pudding justice. It was one of the few that my hubby and I loved! Moist and full of flavor….just the way bread pudding should be. If you are ever in this town, Huckleberry is a must!

veneto photo

Our next stop for dinner was a place I have been dying to try for years! Via Veneto…known for authentic, delicious italian food. If you are on a budget, you don’t want to come here as you will pay a pretty penny or two! We ordered quite a few things…. I had to taste as much as I could since I had been waiting to come here for so long. Below are a couple of my favorites. 


We started with a sampling of house made raviolis. They were fantastic!


Their truffle risotto was simply amazing! I could’ve eaten the whole dish by myself in a nanosecond. With that all said, the other dishes we had were good but not memorable and wouldn’t bring me back. I am glad to have tried this place but not sure if it was worth it.


Saving the best for last. Tar and Roses… I was over the top in love with this place! Make sure to make reservations or get there right when they open to get a table. By the third night… our last night in town we finally got in. And I tell you…it was worth the wait. 

tar photo

M hubs and I are cheese and charcuterie plate lovers. Have you ever seen a more beautiful charcuterie plate? And the taste surpassed it’s beauty. Simple. Fresh. Goodness. We could’ve stopped with this and been happy but of course I had to taste as much of the menu as I could. The things I do for you people! 


These are their balsamic glazed pork ribs. Wow! I died and went to hog heaven! You know I have been working hard to duplicate these babies. I have an amazing version to teach you all soon! We also had an amazing salad I will also duplicate to teach…it was that good! This place gave me all sorts of inspiration….and that is what makes a restaurant over the top good for me! We had more dishes that night, but these were the top picks. I can’t wait to come back here and try more of their delicious creations. I have fallen in love with Santa Monica and all it has to offer. And the restaurants? There are so many I need to stay here for a month to get to them all! Needless to say, we will be back!