I am so excited to have my site up! Here is a recap of my class this week for those of you that were here and for those that missed it. Check out my recipes as I will add a new one from each class. I know….exciting!



Here is the delicious stuffed flank steak sitting on a marinara sauce I taught. Yes they are as good as they look…. probably better!

fig and squash salad copy


For those of you that have attended my classes, you know how good my salads are. Well I have to tell you this salad is no exception! This will become one of your favorites…. I just know it.

mushroom photo dish copy


This dish may not be very photogenic, but it is absolutely AMAZING! Sauteed and seasoned mushrooms atop a bed of potato match sticks, finished off with fried eggs and a parsley chimichurri. One of my favorite dishes!

cheese stuffed rolls


These babies are some of the best rolls you have ever had the pleasure of meeting! They are filled with a melt-y cheesy goodness and takes a good roll to another level of amazing-ness. They were a crowd pleaser for sure!

light and fluffy cheesecake copy


For the big finish…. A light (in texture) and fluffy cheesecake with berries. A perfect ending to a perfect meal!



Here is a picture of me, my kitchen and a class in session. I love these fun gatherings in my kitchen!


cora's birthday copyHere is a wonderful gal Cora who chose to come to my cooking class on her birthday! See…. I told you they are fun!

chelsea with cheese roll copy

Look at the wonderful cheese inside those rolls! That would make anyone smile!

lisa and chelsea my helpers copy


My two beautiful assistants Lisa and Chelsea enjoying the fruits of their labor. It was a fabulous two nights with fabulous people! Thanks to all that came and enjoyed!