IMG_0263Let me first say that I am not educated about these oils, but was asked if I would teach a class using them. I realize there are many benefits to these oils, but what I was after was the taste. After much experimentation, I agreed to teaching a class with these oils using my Tender Greens inspired menu. Boy was this ever a tasty class! What a great combo… health benefits from these oils and incredibly delicious!



I was able to use a variety of the oils with these amazing roasted vegetables. Best veggies around!


My tomato soup will knock your socks off. My kids can’t get enough of this stuff! You bet it certainly pleased this crowd as well! And guess what? The recipe is on my blog (minus the oils) so hop on over HERE to get the recipe!


Prepping the ciabatta bread to go on the grill. 


These babies are grilling to perfection.


And this… is what that perfection looks like! Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into those?


This ciabatta toast is the perfect paring with tomato soup! Just like peanut butter is to jelly, cheese is to macaroni, ketchup is to fries… you get the picture.


Through my experimentation, I found the best way to add these oils to your dishes was to first add the drop or drops to a spoon, then mix it in. It is the easiest way to see how much you actually put in and if too much came out, I was able to reduce the amount instead of ruining the dish. Yes… I like to teach tips as much as I can in class.


We also had seared pork chops with a delicious sofrito sauce on the menu. 


I topped off those amazing pork chops with delicious seasoned greens. Just look at that colorful and amazing plate!


 I developed this cake just for this class and can I tell you how good it is? Super moist with a fusion of different flavors! Using these oils gave me the versatility of melding different flavors without changing the texture of the cake. What flavors you ask? Lemon, wild orange and lavender. And the cake has fresh pears and fresh blackberries to top it all off!


I can’t forget to tell you about the ginger infused whipped cream. Yes this a killer finish!


The best part of course… diving in to eat all we learned!


This here is Harmony. She is the Do Terra specialist and she told us all what the benefits are of each oil I used in each of these dishes. If you want to know more about these oils you can contact her at

It was truly a great class! My tip when cooking with these oils is to use the real herb as well as the oil. For example, in a dish that calls for basil, I would use fresh or dried basil (depending on the dish) and add the basil oil. I found that using the oil alone in most cases did not give me the flavor umph I wanted. So adjust your ingredients when using the oils until you have it just right!

Thanks Harmony for thinking of me and putting together such a great class! I look forward to learning more about these oils and all the benefits they can have on my and my family.