Tomato Soup

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  1. Meg Turnas

    trying the recipe, ingredient list calls for 1-28oz can of tomatoes but recipe instructions say to blend one can of tomatoes and then add the other at a later step.
    does this need 2-28oz cans? I am confused. thanks.

    • Hi Meg,
      I am sorry for the late reply! I had two cooking classes the past two days and they take up all my time both days. Thank you for catching that error! I went back and fixed it. It should read 2- 28 oz. cans of San Marzano tomatoes! Enjoy this soup… it’s so good!

  2. thanks so much! making this tonight for my family and a pot to take to a friend who just had a baby girl! thanks again. xx

    • You are welcome! Once again… sorry for the error! Enjoy the soup… it’s so yummy!I am making it again this week too!