As most of you know, this menu was so popular I taught it four times! For me, that meant four nights I got to spend with some fabulous and fun people! I definitely made a lot of new friends… love that!


This was date night for most that attended that night. Makes for a fun date! I also had a cute group of girls that celebrated birthdays in my class!


I taught how to properly sear a steak in preparation for our main dish. Nothing like a good steak!


I introduced Spoon Bread to most of the people in the classes. They now realize what they have been missing.


See what I mean? Smooth, creamy, cheesy melt in your mouth goodness!


This here is my “Jenny”  chimichurri. Let’s just say it’s a must to top on most anything!


We used it to top our amazing Roasted Cauliflower dish. Some amazing flavors in that cauliflower too!


This Blue Cheese dressing is absolute perfection! Right class? 


And this is a Wedge Salad that can’t be beat! Yes, I know it will be a favorite in everyone’s recipes.


Making the Chocolate Molten Lava cakes. Pretty much the perfect dessert. Best tasting batter in the world. Maybe I have eaten a few spoonfuls here and there. You couldn’t resist either… trust me. 


Steaks on Crostini are ready! Let’s eat!


The amazing ooey, gooey, warm filling finish. These were a bit hot to serve so they were literally oozing out chocolate lava, but I didn’t hear any complaints! 


I can’t end this post without showing some of the awesome people I got to hang with!



Sorry to the people in the first class… we forgot to take a pictures! I have to say a huge thank you to my incredible helpers for all these classes… Debbie, Stephanie, Sarah, Olivia, Lisa, Claire, Chelsea and Paula! (Dang… for got to take their pictures too!)


My sweet hubby took a picture of one of my favorite moments…. hanging out and chatting after class! Now.. off to Utah for round FIVE!