This is what this class was based on. Greens… wonderful greens and turning them into superstars!


First of all, can I tell you how much I love these gatherings? I hope you all are loving them as much as me!


Here is the first salad we learned and feasted on. My Quinoa and Veggies salad …. this is one flavor and nutrient packed meal! So good I tell you.


Assembling my next salad….


My Greens and Apples salad with a passion fruit vinaigrette. Simple and simply out of this world delicious!


Taking a break to show you another night’s class. I get to meet with such awesome people! I love making new friends! See the four gals on the right side, one of them holding a baby? These are the beautiful and sweet Bunker/ Profancik/ Woffinden girls (sisters and sister in laws) that got together for a fun night and chose my cooking class for their night out…. lucky me!


There was a lot of happy anticipation waiting to learn how to make this salad as this was my taster from my last class series. My Tropical salad with a Mango Yogurt Dressing. This one is so perfect for summer with all the yummy, fruity flavors! I have good news for you all… check back in a couple days as I will be sharing this recipe on my site. I know you will all fall in love with this one!


There was a lot of eating going on. The best part!


We headed South of the border with the mix of amazing flavors in this salad with my avocado dressing. Perfect on it’s own or with any meat or seafood. So versatile…. you got to love that!


We learned how to make the most delicious caramel for our dessert. 


Drizzling that dreamy caramel on our dessert.


Here it is…. Jenny’s Ultimate Brownie. Oh my this is truly the perfect brownie and the perfect way to end the night and feast! I feel confident everyone left very satisfied and full!