There it is…. the whole wheat bread dough in all it’s risen glory. Such a beautiful thing. 


The finished product. I wish you could’ve smelled my kitchen!


Fresh, warm bread ready to serve. 


Oh wait…spreading some sweet cinnamon butter on first is a must! Mmmmmmmm!


Here are the homemade english muffins halfway through their baking process. 


You have not an english muffin until you have tried one of these babies! Those packaged ones are not the real deal. Just ask anyone in my class. 


These jams were not shown up by their baked friends. They inspired all in class by their ease in making and taste. Mango passion fruit and pineapple lemongrass jam… new flavors that everyone fell in love with. Yum!


Demonstrating my roll technique. 


Warning…. boasting ahead. “You cannot find a better tasting roll than these!” Rolls in all their buttery perfection and glory. These beauties make eyes roll with ridiculous satisfaction! You cannot eat just one… trust me.

bread class

Here is the wonderful group from the first night. I loved sharing my recipes, tips and techniques with them all! Now get baking!