Hello Friends,

In answer to your “Please teach another salads class!” I say….”You got it!” With the start of summer, salads are the perfect meal or meal accompaniment. I haven’t got three, but four amazing “Jenny” salads to teach to you in my upcoming class. Fresh, unique, flavor bursting salads! And I could not wait another second to teach my newest dessert creation with you. It will take you to you to a whole new level of dessert “heaven.” Mark my words, you will make this one so many times, your recipe page will be stained and wrinkled….. a sign of true love.

I think these salads scream summer with their fresh and vibrant tastes. They are also ones that are full of healthy, good for you ingredients. Eat to your hearts content! Tastes good and makes you feel good… what a perfect combination!

The dates for this class is Thursday, June 20th at 5:30 and Friday, June 21st at 5:30.

To learn more about the classes and sign up please click HERE!

Happy Cooking!

Jenny Evans