Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

3 Notes

  1. I tried this today – I should have been smarter about it. When I poured it into the loaf pan, it filled to the brim. It baked well on the outside, but still liquid on the inside. On West Coast Capri it’s listed as making one loaf. Should it be 2?

    • I am not sure what size loaf pans you are using. Maybe mine are bigger? I should have said to fill the loaf pan 2/3 full. You never want to fill a loaf pan fuller than that with this type of sweet bread because the bread can spill off the sides of the pan when baking. Sorry about that!

      • That might be it. Or I got carried away with the chocolate chips. Either way, I’ll try again as soon as I have some overripe bananas! The cooked parts were delicious:)