I cannot believe I haven’t shared my opinion on these mixers earlier with you all! (Outside of my cooking classes that is.) Better late than never…. right? I know that most people have or want this mixer. A Kitchen Aid stand mixer, that they offer in a variety of colors. This is one kitchen appliance that is commonly seen on many kitchen counters. After we built our home, I too bought a Kitchen Aid professional series mixer in the color I have wanted for years. They cost a lot of money but I was sure I was going to just be in mixer heaven! Well…. that feeling lasted about a day or so. Why? Well, if you bake as much as I do, you will quickly find that the motor in this brand cannot handle much for too long before it over heats and gives up or breaks. That was not what I expected from my “professional series” expensive mixer! That’s not very professional at all! I also could not believe how loud this mixer was. Crazy loud! It actually got on my nerves every time I turned it on.  

After a couple of frustrating months, my hubby and I researched mixers that could handle my baking needs. I was done with my Kitchen Aid mixer and never wanted to see it again. I bake 8 or more loaves of bread a week for our family among many other things. Pizza dough, rolls, french bread, cookies, cakes, etc….. We thought a commercial mixer was our only option. The problem with those are the size of them. Where in the world would I keep it?


One day my hubby came upon a site (Pleasant Hills Grain) that sold the Bosch stand mixer and stated that they tested it by making batches of dough one after another for 24 hours and it never overheated. It was a workhorse! Could it be true? Could a mixer like this really exist?? We quickly ordered it and boy oh boy did I ever put it to the test. It cost less than the Professional Series Kitchen Aid and shipping was free. It doesn’t come in a variety of colors and is not the prettiest mixer, but I cannot tell you how much I love this mixer! I can mix and knead dough for as long as I want or need to and this baby never overheats or needs a break. And the power? Sheesh… this mixer is so powerful! Beats up egg whites or whipping cream in lightning speed. 

I know many a people that have inherited a Bosch stand mixer from their grandmothers and they still work perfectly. I have to hand it to this company. They make these to last forever! I don’t know of any other appliance that a grandparent can hand down that works just a good as when they got it. That’s quality people! 

Those that attend my cooking classes know of my great love and confidence in this amazing machine. In fact, Pleasant Hill Grain has done a Bosch mixer giveaway with me twice so far. I hope to keep that a yearly tradition!

So for those of you that are in the market for a stand mixer and are on the fence as to which brand you should buy…. get off the fence and get a Bosch! This is seriously one of my favorite things in my kitchen. I don’t know how I would survive without it. It will be the last mixer you will ever buy…. made to last I tell you. Take my word for it and you will thank me later… I guarantee it!

By the way, I am not getting paid by anyone for this review. This is an honest to goodness opinion from a serious baker that seriously loves this mixer! There are two things in my life I can always count on… my husband and my Bosch! Now that’s true love.