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  • Top 10 Culinary Gift Wish List

    You all asked for it, so here you go!  (Make sure to show this to your significant other or Santa may not get the memo!) Click on the pictures to link to the retailers website where I purchased my products.


    1. Roul ‘Pat mat. Trust me on this one. This silicone mat is a must for rolling out any type of dough (cookies, rolls, bread, pies, etc…). It makes rolling out dough a snap and is also a snap to clean up. I don’t know what I would do without mine! And the size is awesome…larger than any cutting board you can find. Another bonus… storage. Just roll it up and tuck it away! 


    2. A really good quality knife. Everyone needs at least one really good knife. You will be so happy you invested in it after you use it the first time. The one pictured above is the one I love and use. It is the Miyabi Artisan SGR2 Collection Chefs knife. I love mine so much I bought another one just like it! I would pick one that feels good in your hand. There are many different brands you should try. Make sure they let you cut something with it in the store so you can give it a test run. The stores usually have a variety of vegetables and fruits you can cut to try the knives out. 


    3. Start a collection of simple and classic, white ceramic serving ware. They work with both casual and elegant gatherings. Everyone in my classes are always asking where I get mine from. The best part… the price! So affordable!


    4. This simple little tool is one of my favorites in my kitchen! Whether you are finely grating some parmesan cheese, fresh garlic, chocolate shavings or zesting some lemon rind, this will make it seem practically effortless. It hardly takes up any storage, cleans in less than a minute and is just plain perfect! I am sure anyone would be excited to find this in their stocking. 


    5. All Clad pot or pan. You can start by investing in one piece at a time, or if you are looking to splurge, buy a set! If  you really want to splurge, I highly recommend the copper core (pictured above). If not, the stainless steel is wonderful and is what I have. Although I am slowly investing in copper pieces because I love the performance of the copper pans so much. These will last you practically forever. And forever is a pretty good investment if you ask me!


    6. Baking Steel. Just yesterday, I posted a review on this amazing product and you can go back to read it here to find out why I love and recommend this so much. This is another “last forever”investment.


    7. This is probably the number one product I get asked about. What kind of food processor do I have and use. For those of you that have attended my classes, you know how much I use and rely on this incredible machine! Once you get one, you will wonder how you ever got a long without one. It definitely makes making so many things SO much easier and SO much faster! You will probably get a big hug and kiss after this gift is opened! (I recommend the 14 cup. The others are too small of a capacity to give you the versatility you need.)


    8. This is an Emile Henry Artisan Pie dish and it is simply amazing. How can a pie dish be amazing you ask? The process to make this is what makes it so amazing. It can go from the freezer straight into the oven. Most ceramic dishes would crack from the drastic temperature change, but not this one. And the result of the crust…. wow…. perfection. LOVE!

    41ROW1GSYNL._SX425_9. This Bosch Universal Stand Mixer is definitely the most used, abused, loved and cherished appliance in my kitchen! There are no words to adequately express how much I love and endorse this mixer! Does it ever overheat from too much use (believe me.. I have put it through the most strenuous of tests!)? Never! This is a workhorse like I have never seen before. I hear from some of you that have inherited their grandmothers Bosch mixer that it still works perfectly. Now that is quality people! If your loved one finds this under the tree, you are sure to hear big squeals of excitement and joy. And when you bite into all the incredible creations made from this amazing machine, you too will be squealing with joy. Your whole household will be doing the happy dance!


    10. Of course this wish list would not be complete without recommending gift certificates to my classes… Jenny Evans Gatherings. Not only will you and/or your loved one learn to make the most use of the items above, but you will come away inspired and knowing how to make amazing new dishes! I hear from many of you that you call my classes a dinner and show. I take that to mean they are a lot of fun! You can email me or leave a comment in the comment box and I can contact you about my cooking class gift certificates. 

    Happy holidays my friends! XO


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  • Baking Stone Versus Baking Steel

    img1cI have used baking stones for years. I actually have two… one I use strictly for breads and the other for pizzas, calzones and crostatas. They worked wonderful and I was happy with the end result of my bread and crusts of my pizza. There was one problem. If my pizza happened to ooze out some of the cheese onto the stone, the oils from the cheese would forever make my stone smoke. When I say smoke, I mean toxic, super nasty smelling smoke. My house would smell like the nasty smoke for at least the day after as well. And to make matters worst, once you get oil or grease on your stone, it is impossible to get it out. So I would eventually have to throw out my $50.00 baking stone and replace it with a new one. Now you know why I have one I only use for baking breads!

    Well, one day when I was in Sur La Table (click on picture for link), I saw this…..


    They came out with a baking steel. This immediately piqued my curiousity! It was supposed to perform better and guess what? If cheese or anything else greasy got on the steel there wouldn’t be any damage to the steel or nasty smoke! This baking steel costs $79.95 but I thought, “it will last forever” so I had to buy it and give it a try. First of all, the steel is about one third of the thickness of the stone so it takes up much less space, but is not as large as the stone I used and is much heavier than the stone. 

    I decided to make some loaves of my french bread and take the steel out for a test run. The directions say to preheat the steel first for 45 minutes. Really?! I would never preheat my oven for 45 minutes.. let’s get real here. So I preheated my oven for the usual 10-15 minutes and slid the bread onto the very hot steel. 

    The result? Because the steel gets much hotter than the stone, the baking time was shorter by about 4 minutes (what would normally take 20 minutes, took 16 minutes) and the crust of the bread was even crustier… in a very good way. I was sold immediately! The steel will turn your regular oven as close to a brick pizza oven as is possible. You will notice the difference! 

    Another benefit… you can chill the steel and serve cold items on it that you want to stay chilled. It comes pre seasoned, so all I do is wipe it off with a dry kitchen towel (once it has cooled off) and put it away ( you can also keep it in your oven). 

    In the long run, I will save money with this baking steel and get much better results from the food and bread I bake on it. Win/ win!

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  • Easy Fall Table Decor

    Fall is officially here and I am loving it! I love to change up my table decor to help me celebrate the change of seasons… especially when it is still 90 degrees here in Southern California and still feels like summer! It is really not a hard thing to do. I want to share with you all what I did and how easy it really is!


    In my antique vases, I change out the arrangements according to whatever season it is. I no longer like to use fresh flowers or foliage. I want it to last! If you decide to use something fresh for fall, I love the little pumpkin looking things on a stem that they sell in most grocery stores and in Trader Joes. That is what I used to use before I decided to start using reusable “forever” lasting dry and silk pieces like these I found at Michaels Craft store. It is an investment, but well worth it through the years. 


    I love my orange glass lanterns I found at World Market last year. I am pretty sure they still sell them. They offered them in a variety of colors including clear. But I fell in love with the festive-ness of these orange beauties. I love the punch of color they add to my table. I also found these wonderful woody candles at World Market. Aren’t they the most perfect Fall candle? Put them on any candle sticks you own. In my wooden tray I use for so many different seasons, I put real mini pumpkins and squash amidst some mercury tea light candle holders, leaves and berries. I like to mix in some real things with the fake. I love the ambiance that candles give when sitting down at a table. And I love this setting for the different gatherings we have had and will hold at this table. This table setting will take me from September through November. Three whole months….now that is awesome!

    IMG_2954Here is a close up of the inside of my tray. Simple. I like simple.


    One last thing…. I found this golden mercury glass acorn at my local Homegoods. I love to hang little gems like these on my kitchen cabinet. Adds just a touch of Fall to my kitchen. I told you I like simple. It is soon time for my Halloween decorations to come out. They will be additions to these simple Fall decorations that will last way past Halloween. With the end of summer comes one holiday after another… bring it on! Makes me giddy!

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  • Bosch Mixer Giveaway

    We are excited to announce our first giveaway courtesy of Pleasant Hill Grain. It’s a brand new Bosch Universal Plus Mixer. (This is the mixer I use and absolutely LOVE!) Winner will be announced May 18th.  (If you want to learn more about this awesome mixer, click on the Pleasant Hills link on the sidebar.)

    It’s easy to enter! First of all, make sure you leave a comment here so I know who is entering! Here’s how (you will get an additional entry for each of the following) :

    1. Share my blog with your friends and family (leave a comment to this post that you shared it).
    2. Post a link to this Gatherings giveaway on your blog (leave your blog address in your comment).
    3. Instagram a picture of this giveaway with a hashtag  and @jennyleeevans
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    Ready, Set, GO!!

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    Bosch Mixer Giveaway

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