I love Fall and the fun traditions that we do as a family during this time of year. Especially for Halloween! 


Have you heard of the tradition of giving a “Boo” in your neighborhood? Anonymously of course! Our family has been doing this for over twenty years now and my kids just love it! This is how it works.



First you need a “Boo” sign and poem to go along with it. The poem explains what the Boo is all about and instructs the receiver of your “Boo” and what they need to do to keep it going. You can go online and find different “Boo” signs and poems. Here is the link for the one you see HERE.


Along with the sign and poem, you will leave a treat or gift of some kind. My kids love this homemade Pumpkin Bread and so it has become tradition for us to give away loaves of them. 


Now for my kids favorite part! Leave all the goods on the front door mat of the family you are “Boo-ing”,  ring the doorbell and run! You don’t want to get caught! Of course you want to be sure they are home first. It is a fun way to spread some fun and joy in your neighborhood!


By the way, after you are “Boo-ed” you need to make sure you hang the “Boo” sign up so your neighbors and friends know you have already been “Boo-ed” and they can “Boo” a different neighbor that hasn’t received the attention and fun gift yet.


It’s fun to see the “Boo” signs in the windows of your neighbors as you drive or walk by. It’s the perfect way to bring the spirit of friendship to your street!

If your neighborhood hasn’t started this fun tradition, you get the privilege of starting it and anonymously watching the fun and joy spread! 

I am proud to say that our family brought this tradition to our street oh so many years ago and now someone on our street starts it before we do! I don’t think this fun tradition will ever die… and I certainly hope not! 

If you want to make some of this yummy pumpkin bread, click HERE for the recipe. Happy Halloween everyone!