I have so much to share with you about this trip! Bet you want to go to Utah about now. Just wait… there is so much more. 

IMG_0040We love to go to the local farmer’s market they have in Park City. Here one of my son’s is enjoying a chocolate dipped frozen twinkie on a stick. He wanted to try something different from his beloved chocolate dipped frozen banana. I have a confession to make. You know how I do not like fast food or processed food and am proud of it? Well, I love twinkies. There… I said it. I grew up on twinkies and I have never shaken off my love for the little devils. Gross, I know. But I can’t help myself. Once, when in South Beach Florida, I found a fantastic chocolate shop that sold great milk chocolate dipped twinkies. Now I am talking good quality chocolate people. I took one bite and thought I died and went to twinkie heaven! My husband looked at me like I was daffy and frankly, was grossed out by the whole thing. Not me… I devoured the whole thing in nothing flat and couldn’t have been happier! Ok… sorry to get side tracked. I think about twinkies and that just happens!


Look what else we found at the Farmer’s Market. A roasting fishing pole. It can hold up to four marshmallows or hotdogs. What a great invention. We love it! Seriously love it!


This is a fairly new restaurant called Plum Alley. The owner, Ryan Lowder opened this restaurant next door to another one of my favorite restaurants, The Copper Onion, which he also owns. Plum Alley specializes in South East Asian cuisine and it is fantastic! Get ready, because I have a lot of dishes to show you from this place.


They have fantastic steamed buns. I love how they serve it taco style. This one is their braised short rib with kimchi. Loved it!


Their pork belly steamed bun was out of this world good too!


Now this dish was probably my favorite of all. Simple, but so flavorful and adding a fried egg on top? They know how to win a girl over! This is their wok seared zucchini with mushrooms. Their menu changes, so this particular dish will change out with whatever vegetable happens to be in season at the time. Get it. That’s all I have to say.


Persian cucumber salad. Fresh and delicious. 


Spring Peas side dish. Yum!


Chicken Stir Fry. Awesome!


Pad See ew. Charcoal smoked pork, chicken, rice noodles with seasonal greens. Oh my! It was a flavor party in my mouth.


Duck Stir Fry. Another hit.


Plum Alley Ramen with their house noodles. We couldn’t get enough of that broth!


Pandan Ice Cream. A special for the night. I could’ve eaten the whole bowl by myself. Actually I pretty much did.


Another House made ice cream for the special tonight? Chocolate cashew. Ok.. if you twist our arm.


This is one happy and satisfied group! We had an awesome waiter too. If you like Pan Asian food, this place is a must!


The following day we headed out to find the “crater” hot spring located at The Homestead in Midway. 


Pretty charming looking place. Charming enough that I had to take a picture of it! I am a sucker for anything “charming.”


Here we are… headed in. Oh we love adventures and discovering new places!


This is what it looks like inside.


There is an opening at the top. It was a fairly rainy day so this was a perfect activity. Luckily the rain had stopped while we were in there. 


The water is very warm and blue. They don’t have any jumping off spots so this is pretty much what you do. I think we paid somewhere around 15.00 a person and got about an hour to swim. It was a fun adventure but definitely not something we would return for. Stay tuned for part four!