Do you all remember me? Sheesh… it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I feel like I need to reintroduce myself to you! Life has been busy, so I hope you forgive me. My Instagram feed (@jennyevansgatherings) has truly become my real blog. It’s fast and convenient! I will try to post here as I get the chance.

I taught my annual Salads Class this month and want to share some of the recaps from the class with you all!

IMG_1718I love cooking with fresh ingredients and I know so many of you love eating them too! In these bowls, are arugula, kale and quinoa. Some ingredients for the making of an amazing salad.

IMG_1735My Watermelon Salad to be specific. Oh my… it’s so delicious!

IMG_1759Just ask one of the lucky people in my classes!

IMG_1671Another amazing salad, before the “big toss”. This one is my Kale and Brown Rice Salad. So hearty and good!

IMG_1924And last but not least, we learned how to make the most amazing Roasted Beets with Goat Cheese Salad. Those golden beets are a fave of mine!

IMG_1766A Cheesy Popover anyone? Man are these babies good! And such a perfect compliment to a dinner of salads!

IMG_1928For the perfect finish, we learned how to make the most delicious Individual Sticky Toffee Date Pudding Cakes. You can bet these were a huge hit! Don’t get me started on the amazing sauce!

IMG_1616I can’t leave without sharing some photos of the amazing people I am privileged to meet and be with each class. IMG_1646This particular night I had quite a few mother/ daughters come together for a night out! These two look more like sisters… so beautiful!

IMG_1817So many photographers take pictures of our dog Bailey. I usually don’t post any, but here you go! He is doing his usual thing during class…. hanging out.. barely awake.

IMG_1935I forgot to get a group shot of the first class, but luckily I remembered the second night! That cute group of gals in the front row is a beautiful mom, daughters and a daughter in law. How fun is that?! Thanks to all that came, learned and ate! I love what I do, but I love being with you all the most!