You know when you have a dessert that is so good that you wonder how you ever lived without it before? This is one of those desserts. You will literally dream about it. It will be put on your “top” desserts ever in the whole. wide. world. I know you think I am exaggerating… but I am speaking truth like never before. 

The holidays are upon us and tis the season for baking and sharing your best treats. Well…. look no further people! This one will have your friends and neighbors begging you for these again year after year. Get the recipe HERE and make the world a much happier place… at least where ever you are sharing these babies! (On a side note…. my family likes them best warm straight out of the oven… no cutting… just a “hot mess” scoop, topped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Ya… heaven on earth…. heaven on earth.)

On a side note…


These are caramel bits that is in the ingredient list. They are sold in select grocery stores. You can also substitute regular caramels or make your own caramel sauce. These are so easy because you don’t have anything to unwrap!