One of the best things about renting a home are the extra rooms you have… so you can invite more guests to be with! My dear in laws and darling niece came to join us for a while. We were so excited to spend time with them! It only seemed appropriate that I greeted them with leis to show our love for them and excitement of their arrival. My oh my those leis smell amazing!


Our sweet daughter, Hadley flew in from her humanitarian trip to India. (We won’t talk about the 30 plus hours it took to fly here!) She spent a whole month there and fell in love with the people. We are grateful for the opportunity she had to serve. Makes your heart grow in ways like none other! We were all so excited to see her again! Not a bad place to reunite, eh?


 While in on the other side of the island we decided to eat in Honolulu. This place was recommended to us by good friends that lived on the island. It is a true “locals” place off the beaten path away from the tourist spots. It serves “local” dishes… which means it is pretty heavy and filling food. If you are looking for local dishes, I definitely recommend this place! We enjoyed it!



I sure enjoyed this place and their tasty fish tacos!


The steak burrito my hubby had was also a winner! Our whole group enjoyed whatever they ordered. I hear some people feel like it is a Cafe Rio knock off but not as good. As for me… I would go back!


We had to try the Famous Ted’s bakery. Here is a sampling of what my mother in law bought one morning. Some things were better than the others. Grandma’s are the best… always supplying sweets and treats! 


My favorite thing Ted’s Bakery makes is this Chocolate Haupia Cream pie. Honestly… nothing else here was that good to me. I tried a lot of their pies and cakes. Maybe I am too picky?


There are so many places to hike on this island! My hubby and I took off for a “little” hike not far from Sunset Beach and came back about 3 1/2 hours later! We had fun getting lost on this beautiful and lush island. 


We rented a two man kayak and a couple of paddle boards for the month that we were here. Between swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and kayaking… we definitely never got bored at the beach! We just couldn’t get enough of that amazing Hawaiian water.


And last but not least, are photos of our favorite place… Seven Brothers. It was ridiculous how many times we ate here! Funny thing is … we never tired of it!


Look at those huge onion rings in that burger! And that messy sauce… perfection!


Could you get tired of eating this? Never! Good thing we were very active on this trip!

Until next time…..