It is about time I share my first cupcake workshop with you all. This class was so much fun and everyone was excited to learn how to make the most delicious cupcakes!


Nothing but beautiful smiles and laughs all night long!


These here are the cinnamon oatmeal cupcakes that are a family recipe from my hubby’s grandmother. They are unique and absolutely amazing!


My lemon meringue cupcakes ready for the next stage…..


In goes the yummiest lemon filling!


Next, comes the meringue, then the fun part…. torching it to give it the perfect finish!


We also learned how to make these chocolate peanut butter gems. Makes my mouth water just looking at these!


Now it is time for the class to try their hand at it! I provided different tips for everyone to try. She is doing it up just gorgeous…. don’t you think?


See? Nothing but a “sweet” fun time! And lots of smiles.


Everyone got to take home a plateful of cupcakes they so expertly decorated.


Trying their hand at the torch brought out a lot of squeals and laughs!


I’d say my first cupcake workshop was a huge success! If I were you, I would want to be invited to one of their parties where these cupcakes will be making a star appearance!