I know…. You must be beyond excited!! Time for the happy dance!  This is happening again thanks to Pleasant Hills Grain who is going to ship this all time favorite kitchen appliance of mine to one very lucky person! I love this company and they offer so many great products and are so great to work with. Whenever I have an issue, they have always been happy to do what they can to make me happy. 

For those of you that are not familiar with the Bosch mixer, let’s just say it is the Rolls Royce of stand mixers! I had a professional series KitchenAid and it just could not keep with my baking needs. After 2 frustrating months, I got rid of it and bought this baby from Pleasant Hills Grain. I can mix and knead until the cows come home and it never overheats or gives up on me. So… yes… you could say it was beyond love at first “use.” This is a most permanent relationship. I love, love, love this mixer! I cannot endorse it enough. 

I will announce the winner of this giveaway in three weeks. Saturday, December 14th to be exact! But don’t wait to enter… this is too important to procrastinate. Go now and here’s how!

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