Here we go…. Appetizers Class Round Two! You cannot get enough great appetizer recipes and ideas, especially around the holidays! These ones will knock your socks off!

IMG_3627Isn’t this a beauty? You will flip over this one. Yummy and so functional as the Shepherds bread bowl for dips we all buy so much of during the holidays. I am so done with finding this bread sold out so often at the stores during the holidays so I decided to make it! SO glad I did because this one tastes “to the moon and back” better than the store bought version. And so cheap to make! And being shy in the background is the Amazing Baked Artichoke Dip. Of course I transfer it into this bread to serve. Don’t be silly!


I absolutely love crostini’s! What’s not to love…. a nice crusty bread, toasted just so with flavor packed toppings thoughtfully chosen to sit on top in the perfect layers…. YUM! I branched out and went BBQ flavored on this one. I never had, seen or heard of one like this before but I hit gold people! This is a BBQ Pulled Pork Crostini with a delicious Apple Slaw and some other delicious flavors under all that.


These babies are my new addiction. Greek and Mexican fusion = perfection! These are Queso filled Phyllo Dough Packets with a Cilantro Verde Sauce. Can’t get enough!


Do you have a perfect hummus recipe? If not, you need one and this is it! Everyone needs an amazing hummus recipe … really… you do! This is a new staple in our fridge. This here is my hubby’s addiction. He takes it to the office in little containers and gets giddy thinking about snacking on it. Again… really! I will also teach you how to make those amazing baked pita chips because you have to have pita chips when you eat your hummus!


And last but not least are these Spinach Salad Topped Cheese Crisps. I love me some lighter appetizers to munch on in the mix. Lots of good things going on with these. Please don’t think  these are complicated, hard to do appetizers. That is the last thing we need during the holidays! You will be surprised with how easy these are to make and put together. Beautiful and delicious can be easy as I will show you. I am your friend… not your foe!

These classes will be held on Thursday, November 14th and Friday, November 15th at 5:30. Please email me at to reserve a spot. Once, I confirm your spot, you can send me your 60.00 class fee. I hope you can join me for another fun and delicious night!  Click HERE for more information.