I must say, my house smelled wonderful way before the three tacos classes I held last week. The aromas of the chili’s, garlic, onions and the rest of the produce was mouthwatering and the colors were so beautiful!


Of course the first thing you need to learn to make for a taco is the tortilla. And that is just what we did… the whole process… making the dough, flattening it out, and cooking them. Yes, there is a technique to follow. 


Freshly made!


We made two kinds of yummy salsa’s. Here, we are making the avocado salsa. 


Here is the second one…. Arbol chili salsa. It is amazingly flavorful!


Prepping for the Mexican pickled onions.


Here they are marinating in their juices. Don’t knock them until you have tried them. They are the perfect compliment to any taco!


My hubby is prepping the pork for the Yucatan braised pork. Getting it ready for it’s soak in my out of this world marinade. 


This, my friends just may be the best guacamole ever. It was certainly a huge hit!


The finished product….. ready to be passed around and devoured with the fresh tortilla chips. Major yum!


Here is the corn cake fresh out of the oven. Of course it is not fully ready. We learned to make all the fixings that is served with amazing dessert!


Next, we headed outside to learn how to grill the perfect carne asada. It smelled so good!


Just look at that. Unbelievably delicious!

IMG_7121Tables were all set and ready to go. A perfect summer set up for our outdoor feast!


Food is ready and everyone is ready to eat!



I love these gatherings of friends old and new. And I think they enjoyed the nights we had as well!