• Lemon Blueberry Madeleines with a Lemon Yogurt Dipping Sauce Recipe



    You all are going to love this one! And guess what? I lightened them up with Chobani’s 0% fat greek yogurt. So tasty and guilt free! Delicious, light and so refreshing. Get the recipe for this hands only dessert by clicking HERE

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  • Garlic and Herb, Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Rolls Recipe!


    Just like I promised… I am sharing the recipes for these incredibly “over the top” delicious Pizza Rolls! I am certain they will become a favorite recipe in your family, just like they are in mine. Because who doesn’t love pizza… am I right? And these babies are like pizza, rolls and garlic bread all wrapped up in one delicious package. I know…. amazingness! I am sharing the recipe over at . Head over there now and make them tonight! You won’t regret it. You’re welcome. 

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  • Black Bean and Potato Soup Recipe



    You gotta love a recipe that is both delicious and healthy! The best of both worlds… right? I am sharing this amazing soup recipe over at . Katelyn is a darling girl that I had the pleasure of meeting recently and has a blog where she shares some of her favorite looks and tips. Be sure to head over to check out her site and get this recipe!

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  • Roasted Vegetable Crostata Recipe

    Image 4

    Isn’t she a beauty? But we’re not only talking about looks here… because this one here tastes out of this world! Makes an amazing main or side dish. You will wow you family and guests with this one. 

    Image 3

    Look at this gorgeous table and set up! Becki Owens from threw a baby shower and this is what her lucky guests got. Do you see the roasted vegetable crostata up on the tree trunk? What a perfect dish for a shower! Doesn’t this make you want to hold a luncheon for friends?

    Of course it’s styled so beautifully….. Becki and Nicole from owensanddavis are interior designing pros! Make sure to head to their blog to check out their amazing work beautifying homes one by one here in Southern California. I wish I could have them style all my food.  They have the magic touch!

    Now that that picture has us all inspired to cook, host and make things pretty.. make sure to get this recipe by clicking HERE!

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  • Spinach and Cheese Manicotti



    Today I am sharing this cheesy wonderland pasta dish over at . Spinach and cheese manicotti! A perfect way to switch up the pasta dishes in your home. Try it… I know you’re going to loooooove it! It lasted maybe 10 minutes max in our house and I made a huge pan of it! It’s one of those “inhaled” dishes…. evidence of just how good this is. Happy Monday!

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  • Vanilla Cupcakes with a Double Vanilla Frosting


    I posted a picture on social media of a few dozen cupcakes I made for my daughter to take to school last week and am sharing the recipe with you all! She was so proud of these and made sure to tell all her friends that everything about them was “homemade by my mom”! I wanted to make them appealing to the kiddos so I kept the frosting white and simple and decorated each one with different colorful sprinkles (I usually have the frosting peaked higher than the one pictured here. I didn’t let the frosting rest long enough to set. It fell because it was too soft. I guess I was too anxious to get them photographed!). No chemical tasting box mix or canned frosting here! The frosting really will get you… even you frosting haters. Its is so light and creamy! I figure with Valentines Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter coming, you will have a lot of occasions to make either these cupcakes or my sugar cookies or both! 

    These cupcakes are super moist, but you can make even a moist recipe dry by over baking them. A very common mistake! Even most bakeries over bake their cupcakes, which is why I don’t like most bakery’s cupcakes. Here is a tip… I test to see if my cupcakes are done by touching the middle of a few of them with the tip of my finger lightly. It should leave a light imprint in the middle without sinking down. If it sinks, it needs more time. If the middle springs back, it is overbaked! Remember the cupcake will continue to cook a little bit more while it is cooling. I show an example of a perfectly baked cupcake below for you.


    I hope this helps you make the most delicious and moist cupcakes ever! Happy Baking friends! You can find the recipe for these cupcakes and frosting HERE.

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  • The Best Sugar Cookies Recipe


     Today I am collaborating with some amazing girls over at . Megan and Kailee are two gorgeous moms that have created an amazing business and blog. Be sure to head to their site to check out their products and all they have to share! I had the pleasure of meeting them when they attended a cooking class in my home. And lucky for you.. because I am sharing my “almost too good to be true” tender, moist, melt in your mouth sugar cookie recipe on their blog. The timing couldn’t be better because with Valentines Day around the corner, you don’t need an excuse to make these delectable treats! These are our family’s favorite and we make them for almost every holiday. You should see my collection of cookie cutters! 

    IMG_0066 Funny story…. I decorated one of the cookies with SWAK written on it. My kids all said, “SWAK??? What’s that? I have never heard of that! I couldn’t believe they have never heard of SWAK and told them it means Sealed With A Kiss. Now they love SWAK and want me to write SWAK on everything!

    These are all packaged up and ready to be delivered today for my daughter’s church Valentine’s activity. Don’t they make the perfect Valentines? We think so too! Happy Valentine’s all!

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  • Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

    coco ban bread


    Do you all remember this? My Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread… pure heaven I tell you! My inspiration for this perfect treat came from my visit to Hawaii last summer where I had the most amazing Banana Bread Sundae at Kahuku Grill and Seven Brothers. You know me… if I taste something that knocks my socks off… I am bound and determined to go home and work on a similar recipe! This here is my creation… and I can honestly say this is the best banana bread ever!

    Today, I am sharing this recipe on ! Chelsey Hale is the creator of the the West Coast Capri blog and she is just the most darling and sweet girl around! Head to her site to check out all she has to share. If you want to follow her on instagram like I do, her instagram name is @chesleyhale. And get baking because this one will have you singing the hukilau… tiny bubbles…or whatever Hawaiian song floats your boat!

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  • KUSI Good Morning San Diego Guest Spot



    This morning I had the pleasure of doing a cooking segment on Good Morning San Diego. We are in the heat of the holiday season, so I shared a couple of appetizers that are not only delicious, but easy to whip up as well. My Lentil Dip and my Caramelized Pear Crostini. Yum! To see a clip of part of the segment, click HERE. I would like to thank everyone at KUSI for being so nice and welcoming! To get the recipes for these appetizers, click HERE and HERE. Now you don’t have to fret if you are either throwing a holiday shin- dig or are asked to bring an appetizer as a guest. These are not only easy, but they are transport easily as well! Happy Holidays everyone! 

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  • Lentil Dip


     Last Friday I hosted a Super Blogger’s cooking class and gathering. It was a night of bringing together a wonderful group of talented and amazing ladies! I taught them this amazing dip and served it as an appetizer. It’s so good and good for you! Now it’s time to share it with you all! Click HERE for the recipe. After all, the holidays are upon us and we all know we are in need of a great appetizer to share!

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