The Chelsea Market is a great place with a variety of bakeries, small restaurants and specialty food markets. The Chelsea neighborhood itself is a great place to discover.


Here is a little peek into this fantastic marketplace.


This is The Lobster Place that not only sells fresh seafood, but also serves fresh seafood. Yum! Lobster anyone?

IMG_0152Look at this spice shop. How beautiful is this? My heart skipped a beat when I saw this!


Also in the Chelsea neighborhood is a Billy’s Bakery. This is just one of their three shops in the city.


Here is a display of their many cupcakes. 


This time we opted for cake. We had their chocolate, carrot, red velvet and banana cake. Their cakes were not that great… not moist enough for me. Except for this one… their banana cake. It was unbelievably good! So moist and so packed with flavor!


After our appetizer of cakes, we headed to The Meatball Shop for dinner, also located in the Chelsea neighborhood. Dessert first isn’t a bad idea… at least you aren’t too full for it!


This place is packed tight and very loud! But we didn’t mind. 


We ordered a ton of food. Meatball sliders of all sorts of flavors. They also offer meatballs in bowls with your choice of gravy or sauce, served over your choice of sides such as mashed potatoes, risotto, pasta, beans or polenta. We found the meatballs to be very average in both flavor and texture. I am not sure why so many people flock here. It certainly is a happening place. 


Now I do have to tell you how much we enjoyed their cookie ice cream sandwiches. You pick the flavor of cookie to go with whatever flavor ice cream they offer. Pretty much the perfect dessert! Our favorites were the apricot ice cream with the snickerdoodle cookies and the oatmeal cookies with a brown sugar ice cream. SO good I tell you!


The following day we had lunch at this Peruvian restaurant. They have many locations in the city.


Their Peruvian roasted chicken was amazing!


This is a very common and very delicious Peruvian dish called Lomo Saltado. We absolutely love this dish and Pio Pio makes it perfect! This is a must try!


This is fried plantains and I must say, I couldn’t stop eating them. The dipping sauce they serve with it is also amazing. Yum!


This is another side they served us. French fries with hot dog weiners. Sounds weird, I know. I don’t like hot dogs, but for some reason I liked this. Weird.


I highly recommend this restaurant to you all. It was one of our favorites of the week!


My goof ball kids enjoying our walk to Washington Square and enjoying life!


While in the West Village we walked by this place and we are major risotto lovers, so of course we stopped in to eat! Beware… this is the tiniest place and seating is very limited. For those of you that eat gluten free, this is the place for you. They offer everything on their menu with a gluten free option and also sell a ton gluten free products. 



Here are a couple of the risotto’s we ordered. They were okay. Far from the best we have had.



They also make pizzas, and these are so good! I especially loved the shrimp with pesto pizza. The crust was fantastic, they were flavorful and fresh. I would come here again just for their pizzas. 


Talk about pizza… we discovered a new pizza place in the West Village. Well… new to us. I don’t think you can have enough pizza in this city full of pizza joints. 


Not much seating here, but their pizza is so good you don’t need to sit down. Just gobble it up fast because you can’t stop! We now have a new favorite pizza place. When you come to this city and want awesome New York pizza, this is the place! We will be back many, many times! Well, as you can probably guess after reading all these posts, my pants are a lot tighter than before I came here. Was it worth it? A big fat (Seriously FAT) Y.E.S.!