I posted a picture on social media of a few dozen cupcakes I made for my daughter to take to school last week and am sharing the recipe with you all! She was so proud of these and made sure to tell all her friends that everything about them was “homemade by my mom”! I wanted to make them appealing to the kiddos so I kept the frosting white and simple and decorated each one with different colorful sprinkles (I usually have the frosting peaked higher than the one pictured here. I didn’t let the frosting rest long enough to set. It fell because it was too soft. I guess I was too anxious to get them photographed!). No chemical tasting box mix or canned frosting here! The frosting really will get you… even you frosting haters. Its is so light and creamy! I figure with Valentines Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter coming, you will have a lot of occasions to make either these cupcakes or my sugar cookies or both! 

These cupcakes are super moist, but you can make even a moist recipe dry by over baking them. A very common mistake! Even most bakeries over bake their cupcakes, which is why I don’t like most bakery’s cupcakes. Here is a tip… I test to see if my cupcakes are done by touching the middle of a few of them with the tip of my finger lightly. It should leave a light imprint in the middle without sinking down. If it sinks, it needs more time. If the middle springs back, it is overbaked! Remember the cupcake will continue to cook a little bit more while it is cooling. I show an example of a perfectly baked cupcake below for you.


I hope this helps you make the most delicious and moist cupcakes ever! Happy Baking friends! You can find the recipe for these cupcakes and frosting HERE.