coco ban bread


Do you all remember this? My Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread… pure heaven I tell you! My inspiration for this perfect treat came from my visit to Hawaii last summer where I had the most amazing Banana Bread Sundae at Kahuku Grill and Seven Brothers. You know me… if I taste something that knocks my socks off… I am bound and determined to go home and work on a similar recipe! This here is my creation… and I can honestly say this is the best banana bread ever!

Today, I am sharing this recipe on ! Chelsey Hale is the creator of the the West Coast Capri blog and she is just the most darling and sweet girl around! Head to her site to check out all she has to share. If you want to follow her on instagram like I do, her instagram name is @chesleyhale. And get baking because this one will have you singing the hukilau… tiny bubbles…or whatever Hawaiian song floats your boat!