I’m in love with the kitchen and always have been . . . . ever since I baked my first pie at age 6 with my Grammy and used a big 7up bottle for a rolling pin!.  But now, I have a level of excitement that I have never had before!  Jenny makes it just the most fun ever – and so so exciting.  Her recipes are beyond description, her classes are so very fun !  Sitting at her big beautiful counter with friends, while she teaches, demonstrates, feeds us and laughs . . . .is pure joy!  One of my most favorite ways to spend an evening EVER!  There’s a new saying in our home – when something fabulous appears on our table, my husband’s first response is, “Is this Jenny-Food?”  “Oh AWESOME! ”  ‘JENNY-FOOD’ is the new by-word for Interesting, Unique, Delicious, Fabulous!
Thanks Jenny!  Count me as a FOODIE FAN!