Butter Cake with Strawberry Sauce

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  1. Rhonda Russell

    How would I do this if I wanted to transport to someone’s house? I don’t want to have to take over their kitchen to assemble these so do you think I could bake prior to departure and then just transport in the ramekins? Will they still come out easily if they sit for about an hour? Let me know if you could. Thanks!

    • Yes definitely make them ahead of time (even a day before works if you keep them covered. No need to refrigerate them. When you are ready to serve them, pop the ramekins in the microwave to warm the cakes and go around the sides of the ramekin with a dull butter knife and invert the cakes on a dessert plate. Garnish with sauce and strawberries!

  2. Could these be made in bigger cake rounds instead?

    • I have never done it but I assume it would work. Increase your baking time and test regularly for doneness. Let me know how it worked out!