After taking a 2 month break from teaching classes,  it sure was fun to get back into it! Grateful to all that came. It was a popular class and menu!


Teaching and feeding my classes these delectable tacos and my Black Bean and Sweet Potato soup made for an enjoyable evening for all! After all… who doesn’t like Mexican food, right?


I had so many of you come with others that had bought my cooking class gift certificates to my class like this beautiful family! Perfect Christmas gift!


That big ol’ bowl of black beans was going into a large soup pot. 


Yup… to make this delicious and healthy Black Bean and Sweet Potato soup. Oh so good! Perfect accompaniment to any meal and a meal on it’s own.


Look at these roasted poblano chills. They add so much flavor to any dish!


Fast and easy homemade pico de gallo? You bet that was on the menu!


By the way….I love seeing the smiles and laughter from all of you! Glad to know my classes are fun as well as delicious!


Getting the avocado ready for the tacos. So. So. Good. Don’t you just want to bite right into these babies?!


Lots of tips shared… so lots of notes!


The finished product. My Avocado Taco. Seriously people… this one is so good there are no words! 


Did I mention what a great date night this makes? Isn’t this couple the absolute cutest?


I seriously can’t pick a favorite from the three tacos I taught. I mean come on… look at these Mahi Mahi tacos with my Pico de Gallo, Simple Guacamole and Apple Slaw. Yes.. they are as good if not better than they look! 


And last but certainly not least, we learned how to make these melt in your mouth Braised Short Rib Tacos with a Roasted Poblano Sauce. Again… no words!


I have to thank the most amazing photographer, Melissa Fuller, that took all these amazing photos (Melissa is the same photographer that took our family Christmas photo this year)! She tried to catch me with a smile like she did here.


Because usually, I am caught making the worst faces… like here! Haha!


I want to show off the wonderful friends in my Taco Class numero uno! (Sadly, my son took this picture and cut out one gal on the right. Sorry Lisa!)


And another amazing group of friends from Taco Class numero dos! See you all in February for another epic night of Jenny Evans Gatherings!