Hello Friends,

Tacos people… tacos! I am a bonafide taco lover. Especially these tacos! Why do I love tacos? You can pack a myriad of flavors in one bite and boom… magic happens. Do you get what I mean? The savory, with the sweet, with the tangy, with a little bit of spice. Wow.. and in just one bite! And if you ask me.. tacos are light. No matter what you choose to put in your taco, there isn’t a load of it in this perfect package. Just a little bit of everything. Yup.. a lot of bang for your buck so to speak. And… tacos are great any time of the year. It’s not a summer, winter or fall food. It’s all of them! This class is my tribute or celebration of one of my all time favorites… tacos! After all.. who doesn’t love tacos?


Another favorite of mine is fusion food done right. These tacos I created definitely fit that bill. Creative but deliciously so. I am talking about “over the top” delicious! I am so proud of these creations… and can’t wait to share the goodness with you all! And the soup… yup.. definitely creative, fusion, deliciousness that leaves you asking, “What is in this soup? It’s so good!” (Actual quotes from my soup tasters.)


I am letting you in early on this class info. because with the holidays around the corner… I know it will make the perfect gift! The class is not until January so gift it… calendar it.. and look forward to it!


Here’s what is on this tacos done right menu: Mahi Mahi Tacos with Pico de Gallo, Guacamole and Apple Slaw, Braised Chipotle Short Rib Tacos with a Persimmon and Mushroom Saute, and a Roasted Poblano sauce, Panko Avocado Tacos with Pickled Carrots and a Coconut Chipotle Sauce and a Black Bean and Sweet Potato Soup. Healthy never tasted so good!


This is Mexican done right! They may sound complicated but they are not. No difficulty here. I will show you how easy it is to make these impressive meals. Goodbye boring same old, same old… 2015 will start off right with meals like this!


The date for this class is Thursday, January 22nd at 5:30. If this class fills and I get enough requests, I will consider a Friday class on the 23rd.
My limit for each class is 18 people. I first demonstrate how to make all the dishes and then we feast! So come hungry! The cost of each class is $65.00 per person. Let me know if you are interested and I will contact you with more information about the class and tentatively put your name on the reservation list. When I receive your check, I will reserve your spot (31801 Via Perdiz, Coto de Caza, CA 92679, Checks made payable to Jenny Evans). Or feel free to call me (949-533-4038) to pay by credit card. My classes are filling up really fast so please let me know if you are interested before you send me a check to make sure there is an open spot. For cancellations, I require a “10 days before the class” notice for a refund.


I have had a lot of requests for private classes. I have taught gatherings for birthdays, couples classes, or just someone that wanted to learn a past menu and got a group of friends together to learn. I love doing these party- like classes and talk about a good time! Please feel free to contact me anytime if you are interested in doing such a class. I require 18 people for a private class.


Anyone is invited to attend, so please feel free to forward this on to your friends, neighbors and family. I hope you can join me for another gathering of delicious food and a fun night!


Be sure to visit me on my blog at www.jennysgatherings.com. I have a new recipe from my last class as well as cooking and product tips posted on it so check it out! Be sure to tell all your friends to visit me on me my blog as well! You can also follow me on my instagram for additional food posts and happenings at @jennyevansgatherings. And facebook at jennyevansgatherings. Feel free to leave me comments….. I love making new friends!


Happy Cooking!

Jenny Evans