Hi Friends!

Many of you know Ani Taylor. Mother to three beautiful girls… Kate, Ruby and Lola. She has the difficult trial of raising only two of those three daughters as Ruby has returned to live back to her Heavenly Father. Instead of crawling into a dark hole like so many would, she looks for the best in life….people…moments… and how to live life with meaning and purpose. She is an amazing mother and person with so much to share.

Ani started Project Serve Together.  You can follow her at , and on instagram at @servetogether. About this project, she says, “We have seen the power of service work in us and we want to continue to spread the love and joy we have felt. Each week we will be issuing a new service challenge on @servetogether and our hope is you will find increased happiness in your life as you serve others with us, each week.”

If there is one thing I know… it’s that doing service for others is one thing you can do to bring true happiness to your life. It doesn’t have to be anything big… even the small acts of service work miracles in the lives of others and your own. 

Ani has asked that I share a service challenge with you this week. As you all know… I am a cook and love to cook and share that talent with others. I make my own bread for my family every week. I don’t think anyone tires of homemade bread… not even my family. Best smell and taste… don’t you agree? I always bake 4-6 loaves at a time so I have at least 2 spare loaves I deliver to two different people each week. It’s amazing what happiness a fresh, homemade loaf of bread brings to any individual of all ages! I love to see the look on their faces when I show up at their door with my freshly baked bread. I am known to show up at my local gym with loaves in hand to share. It’s the best start to my day! As I said…. it’s not a big thing, but it sure brings big smiles and looks of surprise when I gift my bread. 

I am sharing with you all this week my very sought after recipe for my amazing homemade bread with the challenge to bake more loaves than you need and share with others. I think you will be hooked, as I am, in sharing these loaves every time you bake them. Click HERE for the recipe. 

Will you please let us know how you as the giver and the person as the receiver felt when you did this challenge? Tag us in your instagram posts so we can see the joy in their faces too! @servetogether @jennyevansgatherings #projectservetogether

Let’s bring more joy to this world through love, service and thinking outside of ourselves. Thank you Ani for the example and inspiration you are!

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