If you know me… you know I like to have gatherings.. dinner gatherings to be specific. I thought I would share with you a a bit of those with you and some of the dishes I worked on while in Hawaii.  By the way… a house on a gorgeous beach is the best place to have a gathering!

Image 1

I mean… just look at that back porch! A cool ocean breeze and the sound of the crashing waves… perfection! Well…the people are pretty special too. 

Image 5

Lucky us… close friends from back home were in town the same time as us so of course we had them over for dinner! 


Ok… on to all the food I made… well not maybe all but a lot of the food I made! This as many of you will recognize is not a new dish… but it sure is a good one! I made my quinoa super salad a couple of times and kept it in the fridge for lunch and snacking. This may be the perfect salad ever.


I bought these beautiful pork chops for the grill. I decided I needed to make a delicious sauce/ glaze to slather them in and boy did I come up with a winner! You bet these will be making a debut in one of my cooking classes soon!

IMG_0066One potato, two potato, sweet potato love! This sweet potato bake is a dream. 


Kimchee fried rice anyone?


Oh this… was a welcome surprise! I saw some hawaiian eggplant and decided to make a dish with it and man oh man was it good! Even the kids gobbled it up like it was going out of style. 


Just a little broccoli salad with an avocado dressing. 


This here is a Somen noodle dish that knocked our socks off!


I made a couple different desserts and for some reason I only have a picture of one of them. This is a Blackberry Pear cake. Yes… it was a good as it looks! I also made a delicious pumpkin cheesecake. Both need to be shared in my classes! 

So there you have it! Some of the highlights of what I was cooking in the kitchen. Look for it coming soon to my kitchen!