I love it when one of you give me a recommendation for food. Thanks to Andrea Schvaneveldt I found this tiny food trailer! Actually I drove by it many times and missed it because it is so small! I finally spotted it one day… thankfully! It is right by Sharks Cove on the ocean side (I was looking on the opposite side of the street). Pictured above is Ryan, the owner and the nicest guy around! Man oh man alive, I wish all sandwich places served sandwiches with their quality, organic, fresh produce and fresh, unprocessed meat! With my first bite I knew this place was something special.


This is my favorite… fresh turkey and bri with all the fixings. He also puts on an amazing sweet yet tangy spread on the bread. The best sandwich around! I also loved his chicken curry salad… so good I tell you!


On sundays we attended an LDS ward on the island. The people there are so kind, welcoming and loving! Such a sweet spirit felt there. Sundays for us just isn’t right unless we go to church!


After church we drove to the LDS temple to walk the grounds. It is so beautiful!


On the temple grounds is a visiting center that we also had to opportunity to go to. All are welcome and I highly recommend it!


In Kahuku, there is this cute cafe that serves panini’s, salads, smoothies and some desserts. They grow everything on the land and offer tours too. 


Our trip got perfect once my sweet hubby flew in to join us! Taking a month off was not an option for him, but luckily he was able to join us for the last half of the month! Of course almost the second he got here, the kids and him ran out on the beach to hit the volleyball around. I couldn’t resist taking this shot of “my people” from the top balcony… that’s happiness right there!


A huge tourist attraction on Oahu is the Polynesian Cultural Center. I cannot tell you enough how great this place is! We had such a fun, fun time! Worth every penny!


My kiddos trying to light a fire at the PCC. The entertainment here is top notch!


A moderately easy hike for those interested is the hike that takes you to the top of Diamond Head. This is one of the many views from the top. Just look at that view!


Here’s one of the views from the back side. I love when you get a “prize” at the top with views like these!


After our hike we decided to reward ourselves with amazing burgers so we headed to Seven Brothers in Laie. Seven Brothers is the restaurant the Hanneman family owns along with Kahuku Grill. They offer almost the same menu but not exactly. Seven Brothers makes ice cream shakes that are unreal… they are so good! You have to make sure to order one! They only offer vanilla and chocolate, but trust me when I tell you they were the best vanilla and chocolate shakes we have ever had! Pictured above is the Cowboy burger and crazy fries. I loved them all but I think this one was my favorite.


A shot of another one of their amazing burgers. You can’t go wrong with any burger you decide to order. My hubby ordered a different one every time we came and loved each one! I don’t think we have eaten so many burgers in our lives, but we couldn’t resist coming back for more!


They also make another amazing dessert called peanut butter rolls. Basically dinner rolls with an amazing peanut butter sauce served with ice cream, coconut and chocolate sauce. Yep…. we fell in love with this one too. I have to tell you that once we went to Seven Brothers, we preferred it over Kahuku Grill. We found their food to be cooked more consistently… and come on… those shakes that they offer just calls our names every time!


You simple cannot come to this island without visiting the famous Hanauma Bay. It is a protected marine life conservation area that is stunning! Just look at they water! Perfect place for some awesome snorkeling!


Another must visit is to Pearl Harbor. There are quite a few places to explore here. Our first stop was to the USS Missouri. What a great piece of history to be able to learn more about.


We also had tickets to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, but right before our time to go on the ferry, the wind kicked up and they closed it. We were still able to visit the museums and watch a film about that tragic day in our country’s history. If you haven’t been here before, it is a must stop.


One night when we finally got around to getting dinner… most places had closed down. We headed into the town of Haleiwa and found this Thai food truck open so we decided to try it. FYI… it was just ok. 


To end on a happy note… this food truck in Pupukea is amazing! It is just down the road a bit from Foodland. We absolutely loved their Coconut Curry Quinoa, Spicy Tuna Quinoa, and their BBQ Kalua Pork Quesadilla. That pork quesadilla blew us away! We went back several times!

Man… writing about all this amazing food makes me hungry! Oh how I miss these places! Stay tuned for part three….