I am back from the dead… or from my very long break! Yes… I am still here… just enjoying summer. I plan on catching up on my past class recaps and sharing more recipes with you… but you have to be patient as I am in full “summer” mode… or “slo-mo” mode. Let’s talk about my Salads and Butter Cake classes. 

Can you believe I taught my Salads and Butter Cake class five times?! Yup…. it’s true and it was so dang good!


The first salad we made was this light, refreshing and delicious Zucchini and Ricotta Salad with a Lemon Vinaigrette. Tastes like summer!


I have to show off this cutting board I was given from a sweet gal that has become a regular in my classes. Isn’t it amazing? Thanks so much Joni!


Three darling gals enjoying the salad and obviously the company!


In the works for salad number two… my Quinoa Super Salad.


Here it is ready to be dressed with the Spinach Dressing in the blender I made. This is the perfect salad for the beach, picnic, or anytime. A perfect staple in the refrigerator too, at least it is in my home!


 I made the yummiest Honey Whole Wheat Loaves that are a snap to make. Just showing one of them off …. it is worthy of it!


You bet everyone was excited to learn how to make my super delicious Butter Cakes!


So much delicious goodness in these babies!


Yay… they are done!

butter cake recipe

I mean come on…. 


One of my all time favorite salads…. my Island Chopped. I love when people take photos of the dishes!


One of the classes had a second row to accomodate everyone that wanted to come this night. I broke my 18 people max limit… I didn’t want anyone to miss out. 


Time to show off the wonderful people that came to the classes!


Dr. Hada booked a Salads and Butter Cake Private class. What a great staff he has. And lucky to have such a great boss!


I love these people…. some are long time friends and others have become instant friends.


Girls night out. 


My circle of friends just keeps growing.


Thanks to all that came! What a fun month it was. Now get cooking!