In my last post, I said I would share with you this tip I learned from Abe, a friend that attended my last class. He showed us a much faster and easier way to filling pot stickers! 


I didn’t get a picture of the way I was doing it, but do you see the cookie scoop I am using here? I have a mini one that I was using to fill pot stickers. It worked fine… until Abe showed me his way.


Here’s the method. Get a heavy duty gallon sized zip loc bag. Fill it with all your filling. Snip off about 1 inch on one corner of the bag. Twist the bag tight around the filling and with a knife in the other hand, squeeze out the filling and simply cut off the desired amount on to your pot sticker wrapper. How did I never think of this before?!


We made 96 of these babies and this method is so much faster than what I was doing!


So easy to get the exact amount you want. This method will work perfectly when I fill ravioli’s too! 


And there you have it! I will be sharing this recipe with you all later this week so I know this tip will come in handy! Making 96 pot stickers just became a whole lot quicker! Happy Tuesday everyone!